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UK, shock announcement: “Public Health England will be abolished”

Health Minister Hancock announces it. Harsh reactions from health experts: “Phe used as a scapegoat to justify the government’s failure to manage the Covid-19 emergency”.

A political-health earthquake. This is what is happening in the UK following the announcement by the health minister that they intend to close Public Health England, the national public health agency. Minister Matt Hancock has in fact said that Phe will be “demolished and merged into a new national health protection institute”.
According to experts, the minister’s move would only be a screen behind which to hide the government’s failure to manage the emergency linked to the uncontrolled spread of the new coronavirus. “The agency – British experts say – represents a convenient scapegoat for flawed decision-making in the first weeks of the coronavirus crisis“. The timing of the announcement is also controversial. “It is an incredibly stupid move – a health official told The Economist – We are in the midst of a pandemic“.
PHE was created in 2013 with responsibilities that include studying and solving health-related emergencies, such as pandemics. It currently employs approximately 5,500 full-time employees composed primarily of scientists, researchers and public health professionals. In the nicotine industry, PHE is best known for its 2015 claim that e-cigarette vapors are 95% less harmful than smoking. The agency has been credited with progressive e-cigarette policies, an example of Britain’s pragmatism towards tobacco harm reduction. The World Health Organization has always cleared up against Phe’s positions – which also has our Higher Institute of Health among its followers – which does not recognize the principle of reducing the harm caused by smoking but accepts only the extreme positions summarized in the word. of order: no dependence. Phe, on the other hand, has always maintained that to abandon an addiction it is necessary to intervene gradually. And the electronic cigarette represents the intermediate degree between tobacco smoking and non-addiction.

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