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Sustainable cosmetics that you may not know

The first project that you may not know yet is that on the occasion of the World Environment Daywhich falls on June 5, is born the L’Erbolario Forest, in collaboration with Treedom. The Lodi cosmetic company strengthens its commitment to safeguarding the environment with an important project that will plant trees in different areas of the world.

The contribution for environmental protection in collaboration with Treedom, the first web platform that allows you to plant trees remotely and follow the projects they are part of online, will be made with purchases on the site, on Sunday 5 June, when you can receive a tree as a gift. At the time of grounding, this will be photographed, geolocated, and provided with an identification code. Local farmers will take care of it and those who planted it remotely will be able to give it a name.

Thus was born the L’Erbolario Forest, an initiative that produces value not only for the environment in which it is located
intervenes but also for the people who live there. The planting of trees, in fact, takes place in developing areas of the world so as to create job opportunities and livelihoods for local communities. L’Erbolario trees will be planted following the agroforestry method, a system that allows you to integrate existing annual crops by improving their production capacities. The widespread forest created by the Lodi cosmetic brand will therefore be composed of trees of different species, including White Mangrove, Coffee, Cashew, Grevillea and Markhamia, which will green different areas of our planet.
Freedom has estimated that the Foresta L’Erbolario will absorb approximately 71.50 tons of CO2. This
calculation is made on the first ten years of the tree’s life, a phase in which the plant absorbs a lot
carbon from the atmosphere.

From reforestation projects around the world to local ones. L’Erbolario has always been committed to protecting the landscape and the fauna species that surround its production site in Lodi, which was inaugurated in the early 1990s in the South Adda Park. On that occasion, the company created ecological corridors to allow the protected mobility of animals and planted over 30,000 trees and shrubs.

Other virtuous beauty brands

Everdrop is a company committed to the creation of innovative and eco-sustainable cleaning products. The German start-up, founded in October 2019 by Christian Becker, Daniel Schmitt-Haverkamp and David Löwe, pursues the goal of making the world a little cleaner. For their products, namely detergent tablets, laundry detergents and dishwasher tablets Naked Tabs, the three founders avoid resorting, where possible, to the use of any form of plastic and chemical substance. Thanks to everdrop products, to date, about 4.5 million single-use plastic containers and infinite tons of surfactants have been saved. The young company was also awarded the German Sustainability Award for Design 2021. It is not only the choice of products that grows rapidly, but also the team supporting the founders grows exponentially and today has more than 80 collaborators committed to the fight to protect the environment. In addition to being present in already known markets, such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland, everdrop’s eco-sustainable cleaning products have also arrived in Italy, the Netherlands, France and, soon, will also be available in Sweden.

Phitofilos is a company that operates in the natural cosmetics sector. It was born in 2008 to offer professionals in the sector and consumers ecofriendly products for the coloring, care and well-being of the hair and the person. Born from the expertise of Dr. Flavio Pantani, founder of the Centro Romano Erbe in 1978, Phitofilos pursues a path aimed at 100% care and reflexing with natural methods, through the use of henna and blends of herbal powders. The line boasts 3 important certifications: AIAB, QC and VeganOk. All products are constantly subjected to laboratory analyzes and tests to establish skin tolerability (Patch Test) and all other values ​​necessary to compose the PIF (Product Information File). The cosmetics are entirely Nickel Tested <1PPM and the company chooses fragrances without allergens and eco-biocertificable. Herbs The mixtures of aurvedic herbs for hair and face are sanitized to obtain a controlled microbiology in full respect of the consumer's health. The ingredients that make up the products of the Phitofilos Face Line are sublimated into highly bioavailable concentrates for our skin and are able to express their maximum functionality, obtaining different solutions: bioactive hydroextracts, bioactive and fermented bioactive oils. What does it mean? Each main component of a cosmetic is able to express its maximum potential and remain 100% eco-friendly: by sublimating the functional parts of a vegetable cosmetic and recomposing it into a single product, bioactive products with a very low environmental impact are obtained.

Frida Project was born in 2015 from an idea of ​​Federica Tamanini, CEO and founder of the company, and from her intention to provide new eco-sustainable and green possibilities for everyone.
Although paying special attention to new parents by offering Babywearing items and baby accessories, Frida Project has a vast portfolio of products ranging from allies for the home, accessories and clothing for baby fashion and organic cosmetics. It is online shop dedicated to green mothers who make ethical and conscious choices to protect this wonderful planet and to bequeath it to future generations trying to preserve it as much as possible. With this spirit Federica Tamaniniwhile he was waiting for Fridahe thought about what he could do, in his own small way, for making the environment in which she lived and in which she would have lived, more in keeping with her lifestyle. For years Federicatogether with her husband Alessandrohad set one lifestyle as close as possible to the rhythms of natureeither for their interests, she is an oenologist and he is an agronomist, as well as for the activity, being the owners of an organic fruit farm in Trentino.

Even is an Austrian company that started with the idea of ​​bringing absolutely new cosmetic products to the market. Its production began in 1996 with a few people in a small workshop in Hartberg where they worked with a kitchen mixer. The small workshop at the time has become an ultra-modern production facility where research and development is carried out with logistics hubs throughout Europe. It all started over 25 years ago with a tube of toothpaste brought home from kindergarten by the son of founders Andreas Wilfinger and Ulla Wannemacher. Shocked by the high quantity of questionable ingredients they wanted to spare their son and aware that even in most cosmetic products there are suspicious additives, it was immediately clear to them that the situation required a change. Thus was born a visionary commercial idea: fresh and effective cosmetics without resorting to unnecessary ingredients. And this is how an Austrian success story began. In 2003 a revolutionary product was born: tooth oil which replaces toothpaste.

FRESH tooth oil from RINGANA is a tooth oil that effectively replaces traditional toothpaste thanks to its marvelous natural ingredients and is COSMOS Bio certified. Costa: 13,80 €

Ringana tooth oil was launched on the market in 2003 and quickly became a highly regarded cult product.

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