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E-health, Doctolib arrives in Italy: 250 million euros on the plate for the Milan tech hub – CorCom

With an investment of 250 million euros and the construction of a new tech center in Milan, it also arrives in Italy Doctolib, the Italian-French tech company at the service of health. The service will allow every citizen a simple and quick contact with their doctor, helping all healthcare personnel to better manage their everyday work: patients, in particular, will be able to find the most suitable specialist and drastically reduce waiting times for an appointment.

Reduced times and greater efficiency

In France and Germany Doctolib has reduced waiting times from 2 to 4 times and aims to obtain the same results also in Italiawith the purpose of ensure quick and easy access to healthcare, offering an online service that allows each patient to instantly book an appointment and have all the necessary information before and after the visit. It will be possible to request a prescription online from your own family doctor and share reports in total safety. All this easily, 24/7.

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Help for general practitioners

But the service will also go for the benefit of general practitioners, which today they dedicate 50% of their time to administrative activities or to communicate with their patients by the most diverse means. Doctolib has developed new generation services to optimize the organization of the activity, allowing all doctors to be more efficient and recover time to devote to the care of people.

“In the last few years, Doctolib has supported at least 300,000 healthcare professionals and improved access to healthcare for over 60 million people – he observed Stanislas Niox-Chateau, co-founder and CEO of Doctolib -. Now there will be an opportunity to do the same in Italy, alongside health professionals and in close collaboration with the public sector ”.

Brandolese at the helm of Doctolib Italia

The new CEO of Doctolib Italia will be Nicola Brandolesewith 25 years of experience in the digital sector, former member of the founding team of Sky Italia and among the supporters of the group’s digital growth Luxottica.Doctolib is an incredible player – he noted Brandolese – which had a great impact in the French and German healthcare context. I am thrilled to lead this new Italian experience. We are already involving doctors, health personnel and patients in the development of our services: together we will build the solutions closest to the needs of citizens, at no cost to patients “.

To encourage the further development of services in the Italian context, Doctolib has acquired the company, present in Italy since 2013. “The joining of forces with Doctolib – he comments Angela Maria Avino, CEO of – will enable the healthcare workers and patients they use today to benefit from high quality services. We share the same culture and the same long-term project for the protection of health ”.


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