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Beauty for animals: the new frontier is cosmetics for dogs and cats

Pampering your pets is about to take on a whole new meaning: it’s no longer just about playing with your cat or taking your dog for a walk. In 2022, showing all the love you can to your furry friends will become a beauty affair. Or, better, of Pet Beauty. The data speak for themselves: according to a 2020 Assalco-Zoomark report – official portal of the national association of companies for the nutrition and care of pets – about 60 million pets live in Italian homes. This roughly means that almost every Italian has at least one dog, cat, rabbit or hamster as a pet. Relationships based on pure and simple love, which lead Italians to spend and seek the best for their pets. This explains the birth and growth of a trend such as Pet Beauty, a market that could soon be worth over 25 million dollars. Shampoos, conditioners and perfumed lotions for the hair, but also ointments for the nose and paws, special brushes and accessories to share a moment of well-being with your furry friends. Cosmetics formulated, of course, in the largest respect for the epidermis of dogs and cats. Unlike humans, in fact, they lack the stratum corneum and, consequently, extremely delicate and easily subject to dermatitis, allergies and irritations. Here then is that the beauty routine for animals must be inspired by human cosmetics, but with even more particular attention to delicacy of the formulas. On the other hand, it is important to carefully consider which products to use for our four-legged friends: unfortunately, in fact, there is no specific regulation and may contain ingredients prohibited to humans. The best options? Organic and naturalrespectful of the regulations governing human cosmetics.

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Woof – Pet’s Amore di Professional by Fama

Professional by Fama created Woof – Pet’s Amore Sweet shampoo for dog, a product dedicated to the dog’s beauty routine. Designed to adapt to the pet’s cosmetic needs, the formula was created for protect the delicate hydrolipidic balance of the skin. Inside, in fact, ingredients of natural origin, to preserve the structure of the hair and keep it soft thanks to the oat extract. Pet’s Amore Shampoo has also been enriched with Odor Block, a plant-derived technological active able to capture and retain the molecules responsible for the bad smell, preventing its diffusion.


ElsaBeauty, the Dermoprotective Sanitizing Shampoo

ElsaBeauty Dermocosmesis for Pets is the firstinea of ​​Organic Dermocosmetics for Animals. A range of products for pets created with a single purpose: to prevent, solve and avoid the reappearance of various dermatological problems. This is why the products are formulated only with biological active ingredients, used in the maximum concentration capable of guaranteeing the desired results. The ElsaBeauty Dermoprotective Sanitizing Shampoo, for example, is embellished with Essential oils of Lavender, Marjoram and Oregano and has a PH 5.0, ideal for
sanitize the fur of animals.


Pet Teezer, for brushing the fur of puppies

To take care of puppy fur, Tangle Teezer has created Pet Teezer, a complete line of brushes designed for animal hair. Puppy Brush, in particular, has been designed for the coat of puppies. The teeth with Soft-Flex technology, in fact, allow you to comb the soft fur of the puppies without pulling it.

Soothingto calm itching, inflammation and infections, but also regenerating to soften the skin and counteract dryness. There Bàu Nose Ointment has a protective actionwhich wraps the nose in a natural protective film and is lick safe.


Acca Kappa Pet, Gentle Shampoo with White Musk

Suitable for all types of coat, lo Acca Kappa Delicate White Musk Shampoo it helps eliminate bad smells and make the hair shiny and soft. Thanks to its delicate formulation with linseed oil and rice proteins (with an emollient and nourishing action) and natural bamboo extract (to facilitate combability of the hair) it is the ideal ally to eliminate all knots. The final touch is to Acca Kappa PET Brush in Italian walnut wood: through the punching made from natural bristles to polish the coat and nylon pins with rounded tips to untangle it, makes daily grooming much easier.


D. Dog Pet Beauty by Diego dalla Palma

With purifying teat tree oil and antimicrobial chlorhexidine, Hygiene Lotion is perfect for coat, paws and pads. An ally for the protection of the hydrolipidic balance of the skin.


Fur Baby Pet Shampoo di Ouai

To moisturize, cleanse and give shine to the fur of animals, Ouai Fur Bébé is the ideal ally for obtaining softness.


Temellini Dog-to-wear

A line of pet beauty based on ingredients of vegetable origin: Temellini Dog-à-porter uses active ingredients with food characteristics such as components derived from coconut oil or extracts obtained from fruit and vegetables. Kiwi extract, lettuce extract and tomato extract give their calming, refreshing and soothing properties, perfect for the skin of dogs,

To take care of your dog’s skin and coat, Freshly Pets Pack combines the benefits of Citrus Care Deodorising Shampoo, Natural Hair Conditioner Spray and Bamboo Brush. A trio that allows you to keep the dog’s coat clean, hydrated, strong, soft and shiny, in a natural, delicate and respectful way. With the 99% natural ingredientscontain argan, flax, avocado, coconut and sunflower vegetable oils, a soy protein active, rose jerico, vegetable inulin, organic aloe vera and a natural deodorant based on sage oil. A perfect mix to take care of the dog’s coat.


The Garden of the Faithful Friends of l’Erbolario

Without rinsing and dedicated to all types of coat, the Detangling Balm for Pets from the Il Giardino degli Amici Fedeli line by L’Erbolario combines Oat and Aloe extracts to moisturize the skin with Xylitol from Corn, Sage and Iceland Lichen extract. to obtain a deodorizing and softening action. Finally, Panthenol gives better manageability, leaving the hair shiny and soft to the touch.

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