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The Beauty Edit #6 – MANINTOWN

Sixth appointment with the beauty column of Manintown, edited by Claudio Furini.

#1 Beauty editorial: Ibere ​​Nakamura

The Brazilian model of Japanese origins Ibere ​​Nakamura (which boasts in its curriculum campaigns and editorials for names of the caliber of Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, New Era, GQ Brazil) lends face and body to the shooting made for Manintown by Federico Ghiani, in which the marked make-up reflects equally daring choices of looks, including shirts and suits in vivid tones, printed blouses, biker jackets sprinkled with studs.


Model Ibere ​​Nakamura @WW MGMT

Photographer Federico Ghiani

Ph. assistant Alessandra Alba

Stylist Luigi Gaballo

Stylist assistant Fabio Valtolina

Beauty editor and Hair Stylist Claudio Furini

Make-up Vania Cesarato using Caia Cosmetics

Nail artist Giò’s Nails

Videomaker & backstage Jessica Casella

Studio MENoUNO Studios

#2 Step by step

In the following images and videos, the steps to replicate the editorial’s makeup and nail art.

#3 Male in make-up

What does it mean today to be a man and what they are the canons of male beauty? Questions to answer suddenly became more and more difficult: hand in hand with a new awareness regarding the body of women and the concept of femininity, came the questioning of the inviolable truth about being male. A real total liberationwhich eliminates culturally deeply rooted constraints and boundaries and proposes a new identity and a new aesthetic as well. The genre today is something soft and fluid: it “steals” from each other creating something new and extremely interesting, always different and unexpected. And therefore in this context without chains, here is the man who has access to the world of makeup: make-up is no longer the prerogative of women or of break-up personalities, of entertainment or drag queens, but it is for everyone. Nobody is excluded from experimenting with colors and textures.

James Charles IG profile photo

Models, artists and influencers, but also ordinary kids begin to dare, leaving someone amazed or indignant, tracing the path of a rediscovered freedom. The social media, which have made it possible for a plurality of otherwise unheard voices to be heard and reach millions of people around the world, have been the accomplice of this real revolution. Today in the Olympus of beauty gurus we find many men, makeup artists or beauty lovers, who have used their face as a canvas to inspire and encourage those like them who loved the world of makeup. Characters who have pioneered a new way of understanding beauty, which today is more inclusive than ever as evidenced by increasingly transversal campaigns and products that are aimed at a male audience as well.

Photo from the IG profile of Patrick Starrr

The credit certainly goes to the communities, especially the very young ones, who have supported those who are real stars right from the start. Jeffree Star he was one of the first to break into the world of makeup thanks to his passion, coming to create his own brand, in fact paving the way for those after him. Then we have James Charles, Patrick Starrr, Manny Mua, to name the most famous, a reference point for all beauty and media personalities. Not to mention the increasingly relevant male makeup artists: if the progenitor of the mua star was Light Aucoin in the 90s (true late genius), today we all have Patrick Ta, Mario Dedivanovic e Hindash.

Photo from the IG profile of Luca Esposito

But if the United States and even Great Britain, where the most famous is Wayne Goss, I’m definitely on the way with regard to diversity and acceptance, where are we in Italy? Is the man who wears makeup understood in these parts as well? Well, something is changing, more slowly, but it happens. We also have our own beauty creators, with an increasing following to support them. The most famous makeup artists certainly are MrDaniel (you know the signature look of Elodie?) e Manuele Mamelithe trusted collaborator of Chiara Ferragnias regards the social networks between YouTube, Instagram and TikTok stand out Alessandro Orati, Luca Esposito (Liquorsbeauty), Andrea Cimatti, Christian Filippi (Damn.tee) to mention the most popular ones, but just take a quick look to see how more and more kids follow their example and pursue their passion.

Photo from the IG profile of Christian Filippi

The meaning of the work and commitment of these guys is just the umpteenth confirmation of how the world of beauty is not only something frivolous, but a right in all respects. Through cosmetics we take care of ourselves, we enhance our strengths, we feel more confident and we reveal who we are: being able to do it is a possibility that everyone must have, regardless of gender. The inclusiveness we hear so much about means just that: letting everyone express themselves as they want, that prejudices are broken down and that a man, a boy, a boy can wear lipstick and feel free. It’s beautiful.

Text Carlotta Tosoni

#4 Grammy Awards 2022

Dua Lipa e Megan Thee Stallion ai Grammy 2022 in Versace (ph. by Cliff lipson/CBS via Getty Images)

I Grammy Awards 2022 they were decidedly quieter than the Oscars: red carpet and ceremony are smooth yarns and the awards were given without any particular jolts. Olivia Rodrigo brought home well tre awardthat is, those like Best New Artist, Best Pop Solo Performance e Best Pop Vocal Albumdemonstrating how his debut on the music scene left its mark. Jon Batistejazz musician, won best album with We Areinspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, and for the best video featuring Freedomwhile the Silk Sonic, a duo made up of Bruno Mars e Anderson Paakwere awarded the Best Song Award for Leave the Door Open: impossible not to have heard it as the background of reel and TikTok! The Best Pop Duo/Group Performance they won it Doja Cat e SZA per Kiss Me More (another social catchphrase) and always about couples, Tony Bennett e Lady Gaga con Love for Sale they won the Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. Rock awards were dominated by Foo Fightersabsent: their drummer Taylor Hawkins recently passed away he was honored in a very heartfelt way during the ceremony.

As for the look, unlike the Oscars, we have seen celebrities certainly dare more with choices more daring and cool, providing us with very interesting inspirations. The designer who dominated with her creations and her presence was Donatella Versace: the moment she took the stage to calm the mock discussion between Dua Lipa e Megan Thee Stallion dressed in the same way, citing a very similar curtain of 24 years ago between Mariah Carey e Whitney Houston at the MTV Awards, it has already become iconic. Donatella after having exclaimed in Italian “enough girls!” she removed the drape that served as a skirt, revealing two similar but different looks. Removed the two pins, or rather the Versace Safety Pin Dress, the English singer was left with a minidress while the American rapper with a long skirt with maxi slit, both on very tight leather-effect pants, really sexy.
Dua Lipa has long been one of the most loyal artists to the maison, in fact, for the red carpet she has chosen a vintage Versace worn in the past by Cindy Crawford just wonderful. Versace always dressed the winner Doja Catwho in particular for the red carpet chose a dress with a shaped bustier and transparent skirt in a truly wonderful pastel teal that illuminated her, as well as the mysterious and very elegant Swedish singer Snoh Aalegrathan with his Atelier Versace tailor-made for her, it literally enchanted everyone. The metallic silver fabric has shaped a structured strapless bodice and delicate drapes on her hips, thus making the singer something of a contemporary divinity.

If Megan Thee Stallion for the red carpet chose the cheeky animalier by Roberto CavalliLady Gaga has staked everything on the glamor of yesteryear with a Armani Private black and white absolutely diva, simple but highly sought after. And we always talk about simplicity but in this case even more essential with the dress Saint Laurent worn by Hailey Bieber: a sheath dress in white silk, soft and shaped. wrapped the model, who combined subtle gold jewelry and hair pulled back into a soft braid. With her, of course, her husband Justinin total look Balenciaga consisting of a decidedly oversized suit and maxi combat boots. The of him was one of the most interesting ones regarding the men who participated in the Grammys.

Among others, certainly worth mentioning is that of Jared Letowhich obviously could only dress Gucci: under the black textured coat in faux fur, simple elegant trousers with a narrow cut, white ankle boots and above all a fabulous transparent top with a wide neckline embroidered with beads, which has been able to enhance the ambiguous beauty of the actor to the maximum. It can only be defined as cool too Lil Nas Xwho always loves to play and experiment with clothes and in this case she has chosen Balmain: the short structured jacket, the slightly flared trousers and the shoes with maxi total white soles were as usual richly embroidered with beads and decorations, including three colored butterflies, which gave even more personality to the ensemble. The jewels in white gold and diamonds completed the look of a decidedly avant-garde artist, as also told by the makeup he chose for the occasion: a perfected base and only points of light on the eyes made with a matte blue eyeshadow, very trend.

Text Carlotta Tosoni

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