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Digital therapies: technologies that will change health at Frontiers Health

At Frontiers Health 2016 the digital health solutions that will change our relationship with health

November 17th and 18th one of the most important digital health events will be held in Berlin: Frontiers Healthan international conference on the latest frontiers in health management.

The event represents an opportunity to find out which ones are digital tools more avant-garde for care and well-being. With the advancement of the average age of the population, in fact, the problem is no longer, only, to find effective therapies, but also and above all to generate a culture of prevention that is integrated into the habits of life and everyday life.

The event is open to everyone, and it is possible to get passes with one special discount by entering the code pages15_fh16 on Frontiers Health website.

The program is full of appointments and practical sessions, and boasts exceptional speakers who will allow participants to immerse themselves in the future of health.

For those who cannot physically participate, it is possible to follow the event on Twitter with the hashtag #fh16 or #DHealthITA to follow the discussion only in Italian. On the blog PharmaphorumIt will also be possible to take advantage of a Live blogging service for the event.

There will be many startups on stage, which will present digital solutions for disease management and facilitate the achievement of health goals. Here are the most interesting digital solutions that will be presented during the event:

TouchSurgery. Thanks to cognitive mapping techniques, Artificial Intelligence and 3D rendering, this startup offers sophisticated tools for learning highly precise surgical techniques.

Mediktor. A digital platform that effectively connects doctors and patients, offering a prediagnosis tool based on relational algorithms and artificial intelligence.

IDGuardian. It offers innovative monitoring solutions that allow continuous data acquisition thanks to which health and wellness management becomes much easier.

BrainControl. It is an overwhelming invention that allows people with severe disabilities to be able to control objects with their mind. It consists of an Artificial Intelligence system programmed for Human-Machine literation and is a revolutionary tool for all those people who suffer from ALS, muscular dystrophy, or who have motor and communication difficulties due to accidental causes.

Trillio. It is a system that improves adherence to care by helping people take the right medicines at the prescribed time.

Amicomed. It is the only certified program that helps manage hypertension with a lifestyle modification program.

Mimi. It is a company that creates tools integrated with the smartphone that help people hear better.

Amiko. An innovative startup that develops solutions for Personalized Medicine through a platform that offers sensors, mobile apps, data analysis and services to improve the management of chronic diseases.

These are just some of the digital health solutions that will be presented at Frontiers Health 2016solutions that today seem futuristic, but which in a short time will completely transform our relationship with health and care.

Also Medical pages will be present in Berlin, to seek and evaluate certified and reliable digital solutions for care, to be offered to its users. In fact, right from the start, by accessing your Personal Area, you can find some of the most advanced digital health solutions. Seeing is believing!

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