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Back to the cinema, next June 2nd, Jurassic World – The Dominion, the highly anticipated new chapter in the Jurassic Park saga. A welcome return to the adventures experienced so far on Isla Nublar, to discover tyrannosaurs and velociraptors. Provided, with a beauty look appropriate to the challenge.

Providing the tools needed to work alongside Chris Pratt and Laura Dern – who returns as Ellie Sattler – is the Trend Edition Jurassic World di Essence. Inspired by the film saga created by Steveng Spielberg in 1993, the limited edition of the brand interprets the adrenaline-fueled atmospheres of the film through bright colors and textures… reptiles.

Vegan and cruelty-free, in fact, the collection is dominated by fuchsia and orange, but also from nuances such as green, yellow and gold. Shades that light up the lost world, to set out in pursuit of the dinosaurs. The first traces are already visible on the Jurassic World Palette, on which a T-Rex has left his footprints.

Jurassic World Trend Edition by Essence: a Jurassic collection

The undisputed star of the Essence collection is the Jurassic World Eyeshadow Palette. A tribute to the plot of the film: after the destruction of Isla Nublar, the dinosaurs are on the loose.

Here then is that the eight pods combine colors mimetic and prehistoric come light brown, gray-green and light green to decidedly more intense nuances, from pink, yellow, red. A mix of matte, sparkling and iridescent tones to be completed with I Love Extreme Mascara, volumizing and soothing rice wax based.

jurassic world_1

There probably won’t be much time for lip makeup during the dinosaur hunt. That’s why the Lip Glow Illuminating Lip Balm it’s a solution that Claire Dearing and Ellie Sattler would certainly appreciate. A lipstick with active pH, which reacts to that of the lips. The result is a delicate pink shade with a natural finish.

The final touch? That ofCompact Highlighter, perfect for letting your Jurassic soul shine through. With shea butter, kaolin, castor oil and macadamia nuts, the golden rose and shimmer is embossed, just like real dinosaur skin.

Discover in the gallery the Jurassic beauty looks of the protagonists of Jurassic Park, from 1993 to today.


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