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Journey towards sustainability: the best products in maxi format and refillable

Plastic, plastic and more plastic: this is the dogma around which the life of all of us has revolved in recent years. Yet, thanks to the new generations and the commitment of anyone who has always cared about the well-being of the planet, plastic has gone from being a life partner to an enemy to be fought and neutralized. In Italy, the ban on the use of single-use plastic from 14 January was the first in a series of major steps which, in addition to abolishing one of the most polluting sources of the ecosystem, witnesses seas and oceans dotted with islands of floating plastics, has contributed to spreading an increasingly solid common consciousness together with new green habits, necessary to guarantee a future for the earth.

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Among the good practices that we can implement every day to decrease the consumption of this highly harmful agent for the health of humans and animals, that of opting for produced in maxi-format packs and possibly refillable it would help to significantly decrease the production of plastic worldwide. If the math is not an opinion, buy a shampoo, conditioner or, more simply, a 1 liter hand soap instead of the standard format, usually around 250 ml, it would make us consume a quarter of what we usually do. Let’s apply this simple operation on a global scale, and There you goit is evident that no other reasons are needed to affirm that from now on it will be these XL bottles and their refills our new best friends. To confirm this, the Beauty Report 2022 by Klarna, a global leader in banking, payment and shopping services, which among the future trends has predicted a strong push in the direction of refill products, which represent a turning point in the production of Co2 and waste. Here, then, the best products for body and hair care in maxi format and refillable to have now and never leave again.

Hand Soap Refill


56,95 €

Refillable bottle + Bain Riche Chroma Respect Shampoo


53,70 €

Daily shampoo for frequent hair washing

Milk Shake

15,29 €

Scalp benefits™ balancing conditioner


118,00 €

Ultra Nourishing Shower Cream


21,22 €

ìMicellar Lotion


14,70 €

Xerolact Face and Body Cleansing Oil


17,29 €

Bond Maintenance Conditioner Nº5


104,90 €

Grape Bubble Bath Refill


29,99 €

Eco Refill Lavender Bath Mousse


25,00 €

Xemose Cleansing and Calming Oil


21,62 €

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