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Google launches Health Connect, which collects and routes health data to other apps

Debuts on the Play Store with early access a new Google app dedicated to health, Health Connect o Health connection – has been translated into our language in this way, but not yet on the Play Store where, even in Italy, there is the English name. This is not a duplicate of Google Fit, but rather an app that can be seen as a data aggregator, a bridge, if we want, that will exist and will try to put order between the various platforms of the different manufacturers.

Samsung Health, Leap Fitness, MyFitnessPal e Withings, in addition to the “obvious” Google Fit and Fitbit will be able to communicate with Health Connection in and out. Each compatible app – for now the ones listed above – will be able to write health data into Health Connect which in turn can write information about those apps. So, for exampleyou can transfer the measurements of a Withings ScanWatch Horizon to Samsung Health thanks to the “mediation” of Health Connection.

It goes without saying that the service offered by Health Connect is very different from Google Fit and other similar apps, the former being in fact a data aggregator. The information delivered to the new Google app could be a lot, so in Mountain View they say they have treated the issues with particular attention security and privacy: the data is encrypted and stored in the device, it is not uploaded online.

Le types from surveys currently supported by Google’s Health Connect are as follows:

  • activities – running, exercises, etc.
  • body measurements – weight, waist, etc.
  • sleep – light, deep sleep, etc.
  • vital signs – blood sugar, SpO2, etc.
  • menstrual cycle monitoring – with ovulation tests, etc.
  • nutrition – data on nutrients, water intake, etc.

As mentioned, Health Connect is already available on the Play Store and is clearly free. It is in early access, and this means that it is under development, so bugs or instability problems could arise: take this into account. Compatible with Android Pie smartphones (version 9) or higher and with the apps and platforms mentioned above; The Google app, however, is very recent, so it is not certain that those services can already transfer (or receive) data from (or to) Health Connection: otherwise you will have to wait a few days.

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