Confindustria: rebound in services (and travel) in the second quarter of 2022 –

01 June


by Redazione
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Possible rebound of services in the second quarter of 2022, driven by the expectation of a more robust recovery than turismo, thanks to the decrease in infections and restrictions. This is what emerges from the latest flash conjuncture elaborated by center Education Confindustriawhich analyzes the trend of economic indicators.

While the entire 1st half of 2021 was essentially lost to the hotel sector last year, the sector has recovered vitalityalthough some foreign markets are still closed.

The president of Confindustria Alberghi Maria Carmela Colaiacovo however, once again underlines the problem linked to lack of staff, which risks hindering the recovery: “The return to business operations, which we hope will be definitive, has unfortunately brought to light a problem that we have long considered as an urgency, namely the scarce availability of workforce to be employed in the structures hotelier – he says – Many professional figures, in light of the uncertainties generated by the pandemic, have chosen to undertake new and different work paths in other areas capable of guaranteeing employment where tourism remained stalled. A problem that has distant roots, but which the Covid crisis has led to unsustainable levels “.

Between cause“How many in the long months of the crisis had to choose other jobs, the slowdown in training conditioned by the rules to combat the epidemic, the effect of bonuses and indemnities that have eroded the attractiveness of the sector, the tax wedge that even more in this However, this area weighs like a stone guest on our employment contracts, ”continues the president.

The OECD “Taxing wages 2022” report referring to the year 2021 underlines that the wedge tax in Italy it is still far above the average of the other OECD countries: 46.5% against 34.6%. The tax on income and social security contributions of the employer together represent 84% of the total tax wedge against 77% of the total average of the OECD.

«Minister Giorgetti acknowledged that what Confindustria has suggested on the cut of the tax wedge is a viable way to give more purchasing power to workers – announces Colaiacovo – Today we find ourselves in very serious difficulty in particular in the food and beverage area, where the lack of personnel puts the operation of some services at risk. There is a need for immediate action to ensure the restart and medium-term action that addresses the problems of the sector “.

Confindustria Alberghi also underlines Minister Garavaglia’s taking charge of the problem, working to identify a series of solutions including a citizenship income reform to find seasonal workers and allow the sector to restart with the objective of growth from 13 to 20% of GDP.

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