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E-health, Doctolib raises 500 million euros. 200 jobs on the way – CorCom

Contribute to the digitalization plan of the Italian health system, developing new services for health personnel and citizens to further improve access to care: this is the objective of the new round of financing of 500 million euros initiated by the tech company Doctolib, whose app is used today by 300,000 healthcare professionals and from 60 million patients in Europe.

Doctolib on the one hand, it is aimed at healthcare professionals, providing new generation services to improve their business, gain time and efficiency, better assist patients and strengthen cooperation between colleagues. At the same time, it helps patients access treatment faster, allowing everyone to find the most suitable doctor and easily book their visit with professionals, clinics and hospitals.

New solutions and tools for collaboration between doctors

With the new funding round, Doctolib will enhance the development of solutions dedicated to the business development of outpatient groups and large public and private hospitals, facilitating access to all patients. Also will launch a new one collaboration tool between doctors: an instant messaging solution that will allow healthcare professionals to consult and exchange information and documents in complete safety.

Market challenges, strategies and tools for the new INDUSTRY4.0, with digital at the center

Today Doctolib is already present in some of the major Italian hospitals, thanks to the acquisition of Appocrates, as the Gemelli Polyclinic, the Fatebenefratelli Tiberina from Rome, the Italian Diagnostic Center from Milan, Humanitas from Turin, the Poliambulanza from Brescia, the F. Miulli Regional General Hospital in the province of Bari.

New doctor-patient and televised messaging system for everyone

Through theapp Doctolib, patients can now safely share health documents with their specialist, request the family doctor for the renewal of continuous, certified drugs or the viewing of medical reports, without having to go to the clinic. Thanks to the new round, Doctolib will launch a doctor-patient messaging system to make management and access to care even easier. Furthermore, with 15 million televisions already completed, Doctolib plans to make the television function available to all citizens by the end of the year.

Two hundred jobs in the next 12 months

Just six months after launch, Doctolib employees in Italy are already more than 200: the new loan will provide a further boost to growth, doubling the Italian team with 200 new jobs in the next 12 months, distributed among the main Italian regions. Priority will be given to positions that work alongside professionals, clinics and hospitals, with the aim of providing them with an unprecedented service in Italy.

It will also be doubled the Tech hub of Milanenriching it with the professional skills necessary to locate technology and service, according to the specificities of public and private health in Italy.


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