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“When the rich go to war with each other, it is the poor who die,” he already said Jean Paul Sartre and today this sentence manages to overcome the limit of space, eliminating those 2 thousand km of distance that separate Milan from Kiev. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which erupted last week, has left the world in the balance, but constantly connected between a peremptory statement by Vladimir Putin and a counter move by the president Volodymyr Zelensky. And while the conflict was becoming more bitter, on the other side of the globe the fashion bubble continued its fashion week in the Milanese city a bit stunned and a bit taken aback. There Milan women’s fashion for many it was in fact the other side of the coin, apparently jarring with the distant noise of bombs and at first immune to the blue-yellow feed of social media, but for others, such as insiders, it was the occasion of first, a real restart after a long stop of two years.

Alessandro Michele (ph. Cosimo Sereni, courtesy Gucci)

Difficult to sum up the objective, impossible to describe the estrangement in front of the comeback of Gucci (view MFF of 26 February 2022) or the debut of Matthieu Blazy per Bottega Veneta (view MFF of 1 March 2022) when the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announces its intention to exclude some Russian banks from the Swift system. In the Italian setting, however, it was the number one who gave a first comment about the sad events Cnmi-National Chamber of Italian Fashion, Carlo Capasawho immediately said he was dismayed by the warlike situation, but that it was necessary to find a way out of the tragedy for the respect of the people employed in the sector (see MFF of 25 January 2022). A statement, this, which later proved to be in line also for its French counterpart Ralph Toledano, who invited the participants to experience the Parisian fashion shows, which began a few days ago, with seriousness and solemnity. In short, the show must go on, but when Switzerland also breaks its historical neutrality, does fashion turn out to be super partes in this context? No, because the reality is much more complicated. Especially when the stocks on the stock market collapse. The fashion system also plays its part.

Donatella Versace’s Instagram post (Instagram @donatella_versace)

She did it Giorgio Armani choosing to show her autumn without any sound, accompanied only by the clicking of the heels of the models and the click of the photographers. «I wanted to give a signal that we don’t want to celebrate because there is something around us that bothers us a lot. I understood that I wanted to communicate my heartbeat to these children affected by the war », declared the designer who with elegance and emotion once again teaches an important lesson, that of non-indifference. And to act as a counter-altar to the sold-out hotels, the general euphoria and the long lines in front of the shops, were the pacifist demonstrations that took place outside the locations of the famous shows, with anti-Putin influencers and flags painted on the faces , but there were also the comments and the positions taken by the stylists.

Come Alessandro Michele that a MFF he explained «I hate war. My work is life and life is the opposite of war », or Dan e Dean Caten from Dsquared2 who said they were shocked, or even the stylist Francesca Liberatorewhich ended the show taking Ukrainian and Russian supermodels by the hand, a strong message and a bridge between unspoken words and hasty judgments. Pandora immediately reacted to the conflict by donating a million dollars to theUnicef which is dealing with the humanitarian emergency in the affected area. No comments do not even exist for the digital platform Dressx who, in support of their native country, dedicated a collection, sharing their “fashion for peace” manifesto on their social profile. And it is right up Instagram that the soft power of fashion has already begun to speak during fashion week.

The finale of Francesca Liberatore’s show

Elisabetta Franchi she showed up with an international entourage and a sign that read: «In this backstage there are women from all over the world, together without borders. No to war”, Renzo Rossowith her Otb foundationjoined forces with Unhcr to provide initial economic support and supplies of basic necessities to fleeing families (see MFF of March 2, 2022), an initiative that in the last few hours has also been supported by the CNMI, but the messages of solidarity are not missing even from personalities such as Remo Ruffini, Bella Hadid, Demna Gvsalia and the group Dry.

Concrete help then came from Donatella Versace who in a post informs the community of his support to the Ukrainian people in this way: «I made an urgent donation to @refugees and I urge you all to join me in the effort to help the hundreds of thousands of people who have fled their homes». Chiara e Valentina Ferragni instead they chose to bounce back with some stories where they explain their support for Italian Red Cross and urged their followers to follow their example, leaving a small but significant offer because “together we can make a difference”, as the footwear brand certainly did Kurt Geiger who has decided to allocate 100% of the weekly profits to the cause. As well as Olivier Rousteing from Balmain, with a yellow-blue landscape on Instagram. Or the label Nanushka. The brand based in Budapest yesterday presented its collection and immediately showed itself sensitive to the subject. On the site, in fact, he has released a press release where he clarifies his position and his collaboration with the Order of Malta’s Hungarian Charity Service to provide shelter, food, clothing and transport to and from Budapest for those seeking refuge as they leave Ukraine.

Chiara Ferragni’s Instagram story (Instagram @chiaraferragni)

Also Nike e Net-a-Porter they showed their support. The sportwear label and the reality of the group Richemont in fact, on their website in Russian they state: the one that «at the moment the delivery of goods cannot be guaranteed. Purchases on the app and website are temporarily unavailable ”, the other that:“ Due to the current situation, we are unable to complete new orders in the country ”. But Moscow still does not seem to contemplate peace, certainly not with those 60 km of tanks at the gates of Kiev taken from aerial photographs. Meanwhile, Western sanctions are getting tougher, the entities exclude the Russian national team from World Cupand its singers were excluded from theEurovision.

According to the latest developments, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine unfortunately still seems distant and while the one is gradually isolated despite its advance, the other grows and resists. Social media have taken sides and fashion is progressively playing its part because there is too much at stake to remain silent and because, unlike a pandemic, war can and must be controlled. Even fashion in his own way and with his watch can do politics and as he wrote Lev Tolstoy : “There is nothing stronger than those two fighters there: time and patience.” (reproduction reserve)

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