Can you name all these celebrity guest stars in The A-Team?

10/10 on this one.

9/10. The football jerseys looked so much like the Chicago Bears that I clicked on Mike Singletary and Jim McMahon instead of looking at Namath’s face.

10/10. A couple were lucky guesses.

”You got 9 out of 10” ——-Boy (George), you did great! I would have and should have gotten 10 out of 10, because the page jumped or scrolled when I clicked on #10. I know it’s Kurtwood Smith, but it jumped to Michael Ironside.


Ernie Hudson?

Really – didn’t he play SS for the Cleveland Indians? – just kidding (just got done watching Major League:)

C’est le guerre, would’ve prefer Batman anyhow A-team be around 5-30-22 to 5-30-24. western fatigue has set in hope they add another 80s series sometime “AIRWOLF.” so long lurch&Gomez. just so many times you can see adam-12 law enforcement in the ’70s wouldn’t look good into today’s politically correct world. boy George didn’t last long did he?

Amen! – Maybe Boy George is living in Tennessee? (snicker snicker)


Boy (George), you did great!

Aced it. 10/10. And I only watched maybe 2 or 3 episodes. But I knew all the guest stars.

What can I say? I enjoyed the A-Team! 10 for 10!

9/10. Never heard of #10.

Kurtwood Smith was the bad guy who got toxic waste dumped on him in Robocop and the father of That’s 70 Show.

Great movie!

Thank Zen, I got all ten!

9/10. I pity the fool who doesn’t like the A-Team.


9/10. Epic fail for missing #10

10/10! Perfect score!

I missed the last two. I didn’t recognize them.

8. #s 5 & 10 got me, & on 5 I honestly *should* have known better, since I *knew* what Desi, Jr., looked like back then.

I got 10/10. I got them right because I seen these celebrities in other shows.

Missed 5 and 8.
Can’t believe how dated these people look. Guess that means I’m old too.
What a bummer, it surely doesn’t seem that long ago. Nostalgia can hurt sometimes. 😕

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