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An exact measure of the revenge travel, or rather of that desire to travel that promises to restart global tourism in fifth gear once the nightmares from Covid have been archived. It provides it Travel in 2022 – A Look Aheadthe study published by Tripadvisor and built on five key markets around the world (USA, UK, Singapore, Japan and Australia).

More trips than in 2019

The report, produced in collaboration with They die, involved more than 10,000 adults between the ages of 18 and 75. Among the highlights, the prediction that international travel planned for this year outnumber even pre-pandemic levelsand the fact that travelers declare their willingness to spend more to travel compared to 2019.

Naturally it is not a “free all”: Covid-19 related factors such as quarantine, vaccination status and international travel rules will continue to impact traveler behavior, but the sentiment and the demand for leisure travel for the coming months is on the rise.

Holidays: abroad take it all

In the United Kingdomfor example, 85% of respondents said that they will probably travel this year, on the domestic market but also abroad: international travel acquires 5 percentage points compared to 2019. The same goes for the Usawhere the desire to travel abroad has increased by + 6% in two years. Singaporefor its part, proves to be at the forefront of optimism, with 89% of respondents planning to go on vacation in 2022. The strict restrictions introduced in the Asian country since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic have probably contributed to feed the “hunger for tourism”.

The “novelty” factor

According to the analysis of Tripadvisor, in the travel plans of the coming months the criterion of “novelty”. In fact, travelers will mostly look for experiences in destinations unpublished for them. As many as 75% of Americans said it will be important to “see new places” on their next trip, and that the average expenditure for this purpose will be highercompared to 2019, by + 29%.

In Australia, the average spend will increase by 16%, while Singapore travelers expect to spend 7% more. Conversely, average spending in the UK will decline slightly, while in the UK Japan vacationers expect a -30% lower travel budget.

Health always at the center

Unsurprisingly, the report confirms that the number of Covid-19 cases, travel restrictions and regulations they will remain a factor in deciding the holiday destination. This element does not seem destined to disappear, even in the medium term: more than half of respondents say that the security measures of hotels, airlines and other travel players will be an important factor in their decision-making process, even when the number of cases of Covid-19 will decrease. About 70% of travelers in each of the markets covered by the study confirmed that priority will still be assigned to destinations with a low number of Covid-19 cases.

“Despite the new variants, consumers around the world want to travel and explore,” he said Kanika Soni, chief commercial officer at TripAdvisor -. This is also evident from TripAdvisor’s monthly search data, which shows a substantial increase in page views. Travelers are quickly adapting to the new normal, with cleanliness and safety remaining important factors in their planning. “

There are those who say no

The restrictions and problems related to the pandemic also affect the decisions of those who decide not to plan trips abroad. A third of Americans who are not planning to book a vacation said they had made up their minds due to uncertainty about possible travel restrictions. Other factors are a travel companion’s possible exposure to the disease and obligations that could make the journey less pleasant, including wearing masks and social distancing.

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