Goes Green Luxury Academy: launches the Master in Sustainable Fashion Design

Academy of Luxury, Higher Education Institution in the fashion, luxury and design fields, since 2005, works to bring together the aspirations of those who want to start or perfect a career in these sectors with the real opportunities offered by the world of work. To best achieve its mission, the School provides each student with the methodological and critical tools necessary to be prepared and competitive, but above all it acts as a privileged observatory on these sectors and on its players.

With this in mind, Academy of Luxuryperfectly aware of the evolution of the fashion world towards a more ethical and responsible fashion, has launched the Master in Sustainable Fashion Design, focused on the analysis of green economy and environmental responsibility processes related to the fashion supply chain. The course perfectly integrates design and scientific-cultural disciplines, examining the entire product cycle, business models, the legal area, communication and areas in constant evolution. Environmental impact, zero km supply chain, responsibility, ethics, become integral elements of the value of a company.

The skills addressed during the Master in Sustainable Fashion Design they also provide an in-depth study of the various certifications that help companies to initiate and optimize the eco-sustainable process and their power at the communicative level. The various fields of sustainability are the basis for the fashion designer who intends to develop eco-sustainable products, that is a fashion collection based on the principles of eco-sustainability, both economic and environmental and of the supply chain.



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Thanks to its articulated training program, Academy of Luxurywhich received the accreditation of the Ministry of University and Research for the courses of Fashion Design e Styling & Communication, offers each student the opportunity to bring out their own talent, ranging from fashion to marketing, from brand management to fashion design and fashion communication, with a view to marketability. The paths are different and, adapting to market demands, are structured in three-year proposals, masters and professional courses which, dedicated to those who already work in the sector, allow you to keep up-to-date by implementing knowledge and professionalism. To guarantee students a complete preparation, Academy of Luxury creates classes of up to 15 people underlining its “boutique school” approach: accurate lessons alongside real projects and placement opportunities made possible by the synergies with some of the big names in fashion who have been collaborating with the Institute for many years. Academy of Luxury it therefore means opting for an innovative, qualifying, dynamic and student-oriented reality. Academy of Luxury it has offices in Milan and Rome, a city that symbolizes Italian excellence in the world. The Milan offices of Academy of Luxury they are in via Monte Napoleone 5, right in the center of the fashion district, and in via private Chioggia 2/4, in the heart of NoLo, the new cultural district of the city a step away from Corso Buenos Aires. In Rome, where art and lifestyle come together in the name of beauty, Accademia del Lusso is in Piazza di Spagna 9 and in the very central via Matera 18.

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