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Chiara Ferragni turns 35, the beauty evolution of our super star

Chiara Ferragni is about to celebrate her 35th birthday, which strategically this year falls on a Saturday (we are talking about a mega party in Palermo, we’ll see). The most famous Italian business woman in the four corners of the planet has become a woman and a mother in the spotlight, witnessing its beauty evolution year after year through the powerful tool of the Internet.

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Chiara Ferragni, the beauty evolution from debut to today

35 years old: an important age stage. Chiara Ferragni reaches the milestone with a stratospheric career, a global fame and – more importantly – a united family, made up of her husband Fedez, the children Vittoria and Leone, without forgetting her sisters, parents and close friends. But how has your beauty look changed from the beginning to today? Before leaving you to the rich collection of photos of our super star, let’s remember how Chiara Ferragni was when she entered the Internet reality. Young student of Bocconi University in Milan, when in 2009 she created the blog together with her ex-boyfriend Riccardo Pozzoli The Blonde Salad, Chiara had hair of a warmer shade of blond (for a while it was her natural color, auburn brown), her brows were considerably thinner and she loved eye makeup with tons of mascara and black pencil along the lower lash line. Her favorite hair styling was perfectly smooth, super flat and with a side tuft, just like she went among the American pop stars of the 2000s. On her lips, a touch of candy pink lip gloss. Year after year, her beauty look has changed, albeit with light and never radical adjustments: the eyebrows became thicker and darker, the eye make-up has become lighter (goodbye black pencil), the hair is now a colder shade of blond (Swedish blonde) and the lip gloss has been replaced by refined nude lipsticks with a matte finish. What has never changed is the smile: contagious and disarming.

Here are some of the Chiara Ferragni’s most iconic beauty looks, from past to present. And best wishes!

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