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With face mousse, cleansing is gentler

The mousse, or foam, is a gastronomic preparation that incorporates in its formula microscopic air bubbles that give it the typical soft and inconsistent consistency. From sweets to hair: mousses have given and still give shape and plasticity to our hair. But thanks to their gentle nature, they are perfect for applying to the skin of the face. Their delicacy makes them ideal for the most sensitive and dehydrated skins, in the hottest periods of the year. Soft and gourmand, they stimulate our clearest part. Transforming daily cleansing, a fundamental step in our skincare, into a carefree gesture that purifies the skin without irritating it.

Face mousse: the sweetest texture

The foamy texture of the face mousse envelops the skin comfortably. Like a game: once in contact with the skin, the fluffy and tender mousse disappears. It remains a fluid that attracts and captures the smallest particles of dirt, heavy metals and residues of atmospheric pollution to take them away with it, with rinsing. Cross product, it is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive and intolerant.

The best one, even in times of emergency. “Here is a piece of advice that I always feel I can give to models, especially when, during Fashion Week, they have no control over the products that are applied to their face: it is important to choose the right product to remove make-up”, explains Peter Philips, Creative Director and the Image of the Dior Make Up. And mousse, sweet by definition, may be the best choice. The least invasive one, which minimizes the risk of irritation.

Chanel Rouge Camellia Cleansing Foaming Powder

It has a quick-change texture, in an ultra-fine powder: Chanel Poudre de Mousse Nettoyante au Camélia Rouge settles on the palm of the hand and mixes with a little water. It will turn into a light foam that will wash the skin with extreme delicacy. Its formula is made up of 98 percent natural ingredients including red camellia oil.

Pore Cleaner Bubble Foam di Belif

The sparkling micro bubbles, which make up the texture of Belif’s Pore Cleaner Bubble Foam, free the pores and help balance the production of sebum. This foam, which turns from a mask into a gel and then into a mousse, is rich in antioxidants with lightening and illuminating effects.

OFF/ON Mousse with Dior Purifying Water Lilies

90 percent of its ingredients are of natural origin: Dior’s OFF / ON au Nymphéa Purifiant Mousse contains the purifying extract of water lily, grown in the new Dior Latour-Marliac garden. Thanks to this plant which, in nature, manages to trap impurities and purify the environment in which it lives, protecting its ecosystem, the detergent has a double function. Eliminates dirt from the skin while preserving its skin barrier and pH.

Very Rose Light Cleansing Mousse by Nuxe

Based on rose floral water, Nuxe’s ​​Very Rose Light Cleansing Mousse is a velvety and perfumed foaming cleanser. While gently cleansing, it soothes the skin while respecting its hydro-lipid balance. And without bothering her.

Hope in a Jar Peeling Mousse di Philosophy

Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar Peeling Mousse takes just a minute to reveal all the radiance of the skin. It is applied like a mask on the face and left to act for sixty seconds: its mechanical and enzymatic exfoliation removes all those impurities which, accumulating on the face, make it dull and opaque. It is used once a week.

Biofficina Toscana Mallow Cleansing Mousse

Based on extracts of wild plants (helichrysum, calendula, passion flower and organic Tuscan mallow): Biofficina Toscana Mallow Cleansing Mousse has cleansing, emollient and refreshing properties. With its delicate vegetable surfactants, it cleans and leaves the skin velvety.

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