Welcome Travel: the two portals for network agencies are online

Adriano Apicella

Go live per WE hub e geo spacethe two new portals based on Salesforce technology and tailored to the needs of agencies Welcome Travel, Welcome Travel Store e Geo Travel Network.

The beating heart of the two platforms Crm, the subject of important developments to make its use as simple as possible. The Customer relationship management system is, in fact, able to automatically capture the customer’s data, starting from the booking, passing them to the management system and the database and thus allowing the network agencies to obtain the profiling with a single click. A simple operation that allows the sending of quotes and offers, targeted on the travel research carried out and on the actual interests, thanks to the best marketing techniques that Salesforce makes available.

«A unique instrument on the market – he explains Adriano Apicella, CEO Welcome Travel Group -, the agencies will thus have the opportunity to make a change of pace to adapt, with suitable tools, to the new commercial, sales and communication dynamics of a product that has inevitably changed. The sector, but above all the times, require the evolution of technology, with no longer any possibility of postponing ».

Intercepting needs

The two portals, free for the agencies of the network, they have additions and functionalities that revolve around the customer, to keep him always at the center, with the maximum ability to intercept his needs and expectations, on which to develop and activate, then, all business actions.

Thanks to countless features available, agencies will also be able to access new commercial and marketing content, information, integrated forms for requests to activate network services, the world of agreements and have simplified access to the service center for constant support on requests in leisure and ticket office.

Thanks to the active xml flows with Alpitour World, Costa Cruises, Welcome to Italy and with the main tour operators contracted by the network, the WELGo! on WE Hub and geo Quick on geo space, allow the verification, in real time, availability and quotas of holidays and cruises.

A tool for booking flights, hotels, parking lots and car rentals can also be integrated with search engines.

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