Suite Travel, the strength of a new team that gets back into the game collects the new challenges of the sector

Unity is strength. Nothing could be truer in a period like this which has put tourism to a severe test. While many agencies have closed down and many entrepreneurs have thrown in the towel on the other many operators have been able to take up the new challenges and get back into the game, focusing on a very professional team, permeable to stimuli, with the aim of enhancing the figure of the travel consultant by proposing an expert person capable of making himself available to the customer to help him choose the ideal destination and prepare the documentation.

We are talking about Suite Travel which debuted last spring after a year of incessant work. The start-up, the first co-branded travel agency network in Italy, was born from the meeting of two professionals from the world of travel, Giada Marabotto and Antonella Ruperto.

The new travel agency concept consists of corners located in strategic areas of the main Italian cities, within high-level commercial realities including bookstores, cafes, gyms or department stores, such as Coin (the Corners in the Coin Stores in Rome and Naples have been operating for a few months).

«To date we already have 18 active consultants – Marabotto and Ruperto explain – who work in the corners of Rome and Naples or online or in the back office. The strength of Suite Travel is represented by the team that we will continue to strengthen: we strongly believe in teamwork that must enhance every single resource. The team grows if it is possible to give due importance to the sharing of all experiences and the exchange of opinions and knowledge ».

The Suite Travel team is made up of great professionals who wanted to get back into the game: despite the negative signals from the sector, there are still those who believe in the future of travel and in the strength of the challenges that arise every day. For this reason, the consultants of the group feel honored to be part of an ambitious project.

“Suite Travel allows me to increase my professionalism by facing new challenges every day and to discover completely new aspects of this wonderful world – explains Milena Forzato from Rome– What excites me even more is the cohesion and sharing that reigns in the group, the desire to grow and make this project grow and to find new opportunities in a sector that still has a lot to offer “.

The pandemic has severely tested the resistance of agencies and tour operators. “I was pts in Uvet when I met Giada and Antonella and I immediately entered into empathy with their project – adds Debora Brecciaroli – I strongly believe in this start-up, our strength is a new agency concept that adapts to market changes and the union of our team: a team of expert, positive and proactive Consultants, whose relationship is not only professional but also human, a fundamental element for the success of this project ».

The professionals who came into contact with Suite Travel appreciated the team’s desire to meet the challenges with great courage.

«With the eruption of the pandemic in our daily life, every aspect of our life, both private and professional, has been completely revolutionized. The only way to resist – sottolinea Takeo Yajima – it is starting from one’s passions to give life to one’s desires but you have to look for and create opportunities for yourself “.

Great courage and passion must always be supported by great professionalism. “It was Giada and Antonella who contacted me, probably already from my profile they perceived the will to continue – explains Carmen Garzillo from Naples – They allow us freedom of choice of products, as long as they are obviously very reliable for customers. The team is well matched: everyone manages to bring something to the group. One never feels abandoned ».

After the dismissal and an initial phase of uncertainty, the meeting with Suite Travel immediately rekindled the enthusiasm. “The desire to continue with this work that I love deeply – continues Tiziana Quaresima – met the Suite Travel which rekindled the enthusiasm; she makes me meet people who have had different paths with which to learn to walk together and grow “.

Embracing such a complete and ambitious project means being able to offer all-round support to those who want to return to travel. “The covid has heavily penalized our sector but we need to start again as soon as possible stronger than before – comments Roberto De Santis – make people understand that you can travel safely. Suite Travel allows me to get in touch with a vast clientele and above all to compare myself with experienced and prepared colleagues. We all aim at one goal: to make people travel by fulfilling their wishes ».

The world of tourism has found itself passing, in no time at all, from disbelief to the surreal to worry to a total stop in search of all possible ways to start again. “Discover, in the midst of all this – concludes Renata Fregola – Giada and Antonella’s innovative and courageous entrepreneurial idea immediately made me think that collaborating with them could be my new challenge to accept. In Suite Travel I was welcomed as if I had always been part of the team ».

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