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Martina Colombari and beauty-shaming: “My beauty created problems, I was discriminated against”

The historic Miss Italy says she was discriminated against because she was too beautiful: “We always talk about inclusion, but this must also be valid for beauty, not just for race, religion or size”.

Martina Colombari it was not simply a Miss Italy. Martina Colombari is Miss Italy by definition. In this interview, carried out with Corriere della Sera, the former beauty queen says that her life has not been all roses. Indeed, the title of Miss Italy was a disgrace for a long time. “I was discriminated against” Martina Colombari revealed, almost as if she had been the victim of a sort of reverse body-shaming: a beauty-shaming.

The drama experienced by Martina Colombari

Martina Colombari was born in Romagna, the only child of mother Delfina and father Maurizio, the couple has always managed a historic pizzeria in the area, “Da Gianni”. After winning Miss Italy, she went from the village, Riccione, to the big city, Milan. And it wasn’t easy.

Milan gave me my life, my family, my job, my son, volunteering. But at the beginning no one spoke to me at dinners. I would come home and cry. With the work I’ve done on myself it wouldn’t happen again. I wouldn’t care. Why weren’t they talking to me? I worked in fashion, but for them I was not much of a model, I carried the “shame” of Miss Italy with me. At the same time, I was too much of a model for other roles. In some circles my beauty created problems, I was discriminated against. Before my person come the legs and the face and I am “filtered” according to that. We always talk about inclusion, but this must also be valid for beauty, not just for race, religion or size

The relationship with Alessandro Costacurta: the longest-lived couple in Italy

Martina Colombari and Alessandro Costacurta have been together for 26 years, thus forming one of the longest-lived couples in Italy: “We met on the phone: I was talking to a mutual friend, Piero, and when Billy learned that I was on the other side, he snatched the receiver from his hand. He had wanted to meet me for a long time.” At the time, Costacurta was married:

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He was separating and the first few years I attended San Siro the other wives didn’t even say hello to me: I was the one who arrived later and moreover famous. Perhaps even my being a bit Habsburg, she specifies, did not create empathy.

A long-lived couple who she also helped herself with couple therapysomething they have never hidden.

The relationship with the former Alberto Tomba

Martina Colombari also revealed that she is still on good terms with her historic ex-boyfriend, the skier Alberto Tomba: “We also met a few months ago in Milano Marittima with his mother. Every now and then he sends me the geolocation and I have to understand from that if it is a place where we had been together or a place where a person we know lives. very little memory and he feels bad “.

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