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Cinzia Galletto interviews Mariangela Rossi for The embrace of Kiev

Languages ​​and Contaminations of the tourist story

May 23, 2022 – Literary Café – Oval Lingotto Fairs

It ended on May 23 the XXXIV edition of the Turin International Book Fair. The community of the Salone, like this Nicola Lagioia defined its audience, registering constant growth reaching 168,732 admissions for this edition, the highest number ever.

Among the events on Monday afternoon at Literary Cafe the awards ceremony of the second edition of Travel Stories Awardil Gist Literary Award – Italian Tourist Press Group organized and conceived and Cinzia Galletto, Regional Delegate Gist and made up of a national jury made up of Gist journalists: Dario Bragaglia, Gisella Motta, Piera Genta, Carola Vai, Carmen Rolle, Elisabetta Pina, Maurizio DiMaggio, Manuela Lenoci.

Cinzia Galletto opened the meeting with due thanks, here are her words:

“This award was born thanks to the collaboration with Turin International Book Fair and it is a real privilege to have given birth to the Travel Stories Award within the most important international event dedicated to books and culture. For a lot of thanks to the organizers of the Show who believed in my idea: that of combining the different languages ​​of “Travel” and “Tourism” in a single Award for the first time. A concept that has always belonged to me linked to the re-discovery of the senses that in the Travel Stories Award I wanted to decline into three categories in which the concept is developed: respectively dedicated to TOUCH – THE BOOK, to VISTA – SOCIAL CHANNELS and to HEARING – RADIO AND PODCAST. “

The meeting continued with greetings from the GIST National President Sabrina Talarico of which Cinzia Galletto became the spokesperson before passing the word to Elizabeth Pina who introduced the Dove Social Team. The Group of Dove Viaggi digital narrators it won the First Prize for the Sight Category. The contact person of the Dove Social Team, Manuela Florio, he explained how the project was born and for what purposes. Elisabetta continued the meeting with the contribution of Stefano Tiozzo, Sara Melotti e I Two Vagamondi Simone & Romina who in turn have told the genesis of their successful social profiles, opening the doors to the complex world of social networks.

Cinzia Galletto, Elisabetta Pina, Stefano Tiozzo for Dove Social Team


First Prize Category VISTA – DOVE SOCIAL TEAM

“In the mare magnum of the many Instagram projects linked to travel and discovery, this edition of the Travel Stories Award 2022 by Gist assigns recognition to the Dove Social Team, the group of 8 authentic travelers and photojournalists selected by Dove Viaggi for the” sight “section. knowing how to tell the new ways of traveling through social media with 8 different points of view. ” E. Pina

The second intervention was the one dedicated to the TOUCH category.
Cinzia Galletto introduced the journalist and writer Mariangela Rossi for his book: “The embrace of Kiev – letter to a reborn child”. It was an intense moment in which the narrative words became emotions shared with the audience in the room.

Cinzia Galletto awards Mariangela Rossi

First Prize Category TOUCH – Mariangela Rossi “The embrace of Kiev” ed. Solferino


“An authentic and extremely topical novel which, against the backdrop of a 10-year-old reportage from Kiev, tells a personal story that relives today in contrast with the chilling realities of war. An example of inclusion and love that reveals the courage of women and the strength of an embrace that goes beyond the barriers of space and time to raise important questions about the sense of belonging. In the hope that love for life, which it welcomes and cares for, can always win over the logic of wars that divide and destroy ”. C. Galletto

The last chapter of this second edition highlighted the concept once more with two “remote” contributions: one recorded with the voice of the juror Maurizio di Maggio at the presentation of the video by Giulia Depentor winner of the 1st prize in the HEARING category with her podcast Camposanto.

First Prize HEARING Category – Giulia Depentor “Podcast Camposanto”


“For the originality of the contents and the genius and variety of the story of the Campo Santo podcast, which makes you travel between different nations, cultures and cities through the stories written on the gravestones and the photographs faded by time, to the discovery of cemeteries all over the world , telling the stories of the inhabitants of these immense otherworldly cities. ” M. Di Maggio
A very special thanks to Gisella Motta who with his professionalism and his camera set the best moments of the Award. The appointment is now in May 2023.

Cinzia Galletto Delegate Gist Piemonte – President of the Travel Stories Awards

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