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Beauty Essentials for the perfect beach make-up

There is no written rule that forbids you to benefit from the magic of make-up on the beach: of course, that of a relaxing day at the beach could be the right pretext to grant a little peace to the skin, but there is nothing wrong with not wanting to give up a veil of make-up, perhaps to feel more at your own also at ease on this occasion, while working atperfect tan.

In the right measure, of course. Leaving aside the more elaborate ones full face for other contexts, it is still possible to create the perfect beach make-upradiant and extremely light, with few, essential products.

Let’s see which ones together must-have insert into your own beauty case for summer in order to boast a certain allure while facing the scorching heat. Are you ready?

Bottega Verde SUN ARGAN: Natural compact foundation

For a compact and even complexion, here is a light but effective product: the founded SOL ARGAN from Green shop perfectly combines the purposes listed above, hiding some annoying imperfections if necessary and at the same time guaranteeing an average Sun protection.

His texture velvety lights up the face of a natural colorwhile the formula enriched with Argan oil protects the skin from photo aging making it ideal for the beach, but also for sports.

MAC Eye Brows Big Boost Fibre Gel: colored mascara e waterproof for eyebrows

How many times have we said that? It is now universally known: the eyebrows are the frame of our face. And it is precisely for this reason that it is important to define them also on the beach, using products like this one from MAC that can enhance them in a natural way. It is a gel mascara enriched with microfibers, able to give immediate color and volume to the hair for a hold up to 24 hours. The effect? Temporary eyebrow lamination.

PUPA VAMP! Waterproof Mascara

But where do you go if the mascara you do not have it? We all love the phantasmagoric PUPA VAMP!so you’ll be happy to find out (if you didn’t already know) that there is a version Waterproof, as spectacular as the first. It is a guarantee: the panda effect will be just a distant memory, and the look defined even for a day at sea.

KIKO MILANO: Festival Glow Crystal Lip Balm Spf 50

They have been hidden for so long that the summer make-up trends they want them to be protagonists: alongside sun creams and hair protection, they cannot be missing lip balm with SPF for the lips to avoid burns and dryness. The very recent Crystal Lip Balm from KIKO for example it nourishes, cuddles and protects them from UVA / UVB rays thanks to its texture emollient, making them soft and bright with a gloss effect.

There are also some slightly pigmented versions for those who love a veil of color on the lips even on the beach, but it is always better to resist liquid lipsticks that could excessively stress the mucous membrane.

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