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Angelini Beauty is the first Made in Italy company to apply the LCA Methodology in a bottle of Perfume | The Journal of Beauty

Angelini Beauty is pleased to announce that it has performed a comprehensive LCA study, in partnership with ERGO, spin-off of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisainvolved in the UN “Global Compact” program, the United Nations global pact created to encourage companies from all over the world to adopt sustainable policies in compliance with corporate social responsibility and to make public the results of the actions undertaken.

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) it’s a standardized method that allows to quantitatively assess environmental impacts. It is based on the analysis of the consumption of environmental resources, in terms of raw materials and energy used to make a product and analyzes the impact that this can have during its use and at the end of its life cycle, post-consumption. The rules for the application of the LCA method are provided by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on ISO 14040 and ISO 14044.

With the collaboration of ERGO, Angelini Beauty has analyzed the effect of substantial changes in the supply chain and of the restyling of MANDARINA DUCK WOMAN with the weight reduction of the bottle, from 208 grams to 162 grams, a 10% decrease in the paper needed to make the box and the elimination of its plastic coating.

The analysis of consumption verified directly at the production sites made it possible to detect:

– the 83% reduction of Co2 emissions

– a 72% decrease in the risk of marine eutrophication. Eutrophication is the uncontrolled growth of algae that involves a large consumption of oxygen in the water, compromising the life of the animal species that populate the seas and reducing their biodiversity.

– 89% reduction in the use of mineral resources.

On the annual production of the bottle of Mandarina Duck Woman, emissions are thus reduced by approximately 98,000 kg-CO2eq, equal to the amount of CO2 absorbed in a year by 13,000 trees.

In addition, energy consumption was reduced by an amount equal to that required to completely illuminate a stadium during approximately 70 football matches.

Lluís Plà Fernandez-Villacañas President and CEO Angelini Beauty

“Ethics and Responsibility have always been among the founding values ​​of Angelini Beauty” – he commented Lluís Plà Fernandez-Villacañas, President and CEO – “The project represents an important step towards environmental sustainability and testifies to Angelini Beauty’s concrete and constant commitment to CSR issues”.

In the next futurethe same methodology will also be applied to other brands and products in the portfolio thanks to a tool created ad hoc by ERGO for Angelini Beauty and which will be usable already in the design phase of the packaging to choose the appropriate development strategies while maintaining a continuous focus on sustainability.

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