Which celebrity got fired from Celebrity Apprentice Australia tonight

The celebrities are being thrown into the deep end by CEO Lord Alan Sugar and his advisors Janine Allis and Nick Bell on Celebrity Apprentice Australia in 2022.

They’re taking on difficult business-related tasks in a bid to raise money for their chosen charities.

Every week the losing team winds up in the Boardroom, where Lord Sugar will have the ultimate say in who stays and who is fired.

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It often leads to fiery confrontations as the stars of the show plead their case in a bid to remain in the competition.

Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2022 Boardroom all celebrities
One Celebrity will be fired from the Boardroom after each challenge. (Nine)

But in the end — except for exceptional circumstances — one Celebrity will be fired by Lord Sugar.

See who’s been fired so far below:

Episode 2: Eloni Vunakece

The second challenge required teams to run a food delivery service, however this time the aim wasn’t to raise cash. This time the teams were being judged exclusively on customer satisfaction.

The girls hit the ground running, forming a cohesive plan, took lots of orders and had a somewhat successful delivery strategy. Over at the boys team, well, they struggled in all areas.

Project Manager Jarrod Scott was criticised for shutting the kitchen early and being disorganised and Vince Colosimo copped heat for telling customers to “call back tomorrow” despite their delivery service not existing the next day.

But when it came to Eloni Vunakece, Janine called him out for “not adding value” to the team.

“He’s a doer. He’s not a leader,” advisor Nick Bell added.

And in the end, he simply did too little.

“I don’t know what you did in this task,” Lord Sugar told him.

“I don’t think you’re made for this process to be honest, and so Eloni, it is with regret that you’re fired!”

Episode 1: Beck Zemek

In the first challenge the Celebrities were split into two teams: the women on Team Innovate, and the men on Team Collaborate. They were then tasked with holding a charity golf event and the team who raised the most money for their charity would be declared the winners.

While the men got off to a quick start securing donations, the women worked to nail down their concept.

During this Beck Zemek clashed with Project Manager Turia Pitt, proposing the team ditch their plan and start fresh.

“I would scrap the idea of having different things going on. I would stick to something that’s ‘wow’ and ‘spectacular’,” Beck said.

Not only did her proposal fall on deaf ears, it also annoyed the rest of her teammates.

“I find that annoying. We don’t need that,” Turia said to the camera.

Despite securing over $200,000 in donations, the women lost, which meant Turia and two members of her team had to face Lord Sugar.

Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2022 Beck Zemek
After being fired, Beck was forced to leave immediately. (Nine)

She chose to bring Beck and Gamble Breaux back to the Boardroom, putting them in the firing line.

“I thought that Beck was manipulative, condescending and patronising,” Turia said.

In the end, Lord Alan Sugar spared Turia and Gamble, firing Beck.

“Beck, I don’t think that you are a very good team player. So therefore Beck, You’re fired!” he announced.

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