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Linterest in sustainable fashion and cruelty free proposals is more and more growing. According to Desire and the Conscious Fashion Report in 2021, an increase of +131% of the demand for garments dyed with natural colors. A +38% research of garments made with mushroom-based fabrics (eg Mylo) and a +178% of views of the “vegan skin” page on the site. Among all these data, which suggest a real one revolution in people’s purchasing choices, sneakers are the most sought after vegan product of the past year. For this, and for the positive impact of responsible shopping, here it is everything you need to know about vegan shoes.

Vegan shoes: how to understand what you are buying

The word vegan is now on everyone’s lips. But when it comes down to the language of fashion, what exactly does it mean? First of all, from May 2020in Italy it is vforbidden to use words skin e leather to identify materials not derived from animal remains. So, first of all, it is best to avoid all those brands that try to greenwash with illegal slogans. Next, we move on to read the shoe label, analyzing all the components of the sole and upper. Keeping, however, always in mind that vegan is not synonymous with sustainable. Since, if made with virgin plastic (i.e. it does not recover from waste materials) or toxic chemicals, it will still have a strong environmental impact.

Sporty or luxury?

The vegan shoe market, fortunately, is no longer what it once was. With the discovery of innovative materialsas the TENCEL made from wood or the Pinatex from pineapple scraps, too the design of these products has undergone an incredible evolution. Today the proposed models are both sportsmenlike the sneakers of Norm or those of They, how elegant. Like the luxury heels of Pipers, brand founded by the former designer of Jimmy Choo. You hate Aerawhich with a minimal aesthetic and trendy products, has conquered even celebrities.

High-heeled shoes, tips to wear them without suffering (too much)

Stella McCartney reconfirms itself, season after season, as the pioneer of luxury but sustainable fashion, proposing for the Spring Summer 2022 sabot on the net with crystals and platform sandals. While you mark as NAE o Matt & Nat propose versions cheap and vegan of the models now in trend.

The 100% vegan collaborations of SS 2022

And it is precisely on the experimentation of new materials and the cutting edge vegan shoe design that interesting collaborations were born. Lookindustry leader and famous sneaker brand, launches together with Condor a multicolor version of the Condor 2. A running shoe which, with recycled fibers and organic cotton, offers comfort and durability. They also join forces Zetaa fashion start-up that designs and creates recycled shoes e Nespresso. Creating RE:GROUND, un’elegant sneaker made with exhausted coffee grounds. A limited edition dedicated toeco-design and French stylewhere each pair contains the equivalent of 12 cups of coffee grounds.

vegan shoes

An image from the Zèta x Nespresso campaign.

Buying vegan shoes, without sacrificing style, is the future of fashion. Without compresses, but rather, by supporting small businesses and ambitious projects, the history of footwear is rewritten.


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