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Sun Beauty: institutes for advanced aesthetics for over twenty years

It is known that beauty is not the result of a mere aesthetic exercise, but also the reflection of what we feel and experience internally. The twenty-year project of the Sun Beauty company of the two partners Eloisa Elisei and Paolo Cappelletti is based on this paradigm, with well over thirty years of experience in the advanced aesthetics sector.

“Whoever enters our four Sun Beauty institutes in the province of Milan will find not only the classic beauty treatments” explains the entrepreneur Elisei “but a path of well-being that can restore harmony and balance to the body, soul and mind. In environments with attention to detail and through personalized aesthetic treatments, performed with cutting-edge products and latest generation technologies, our highly specialized operators adopt an empathic approach, which allows them to understand the customer’s needs and improve their quality of life in general”.

A professionalism and a philosophy of work, these, which come from afar. In fact, from the age of 15, Eloisa Elisei entered the world of beauty services – after school, during the summer – helping in her uncle’s large salon in via Manzoni in Milan. Trying with her hand, listening and stealing with her eyes, little Elisei thus experiences the life of an important beauty institute. “In my uncle’s two-storey salon” recalls the Milanese entrepreneur “with the boutique and perfumery dealerships of big names, the hairdresser and the beauty center, the beauty of the woman was treated in its entirety: she entered in one way and she came out reborn “.

Then, growing up, Eloisa Elisei takes different paths until, about twenty years ago, she meets her current partner, Paolo Cappelletti – a great expert in the sector – and the passion for beauty services comes back to life. “I’m back to the starting point” she says the administrator. “I felt the call of that world, with its philosophy, which had always fascinated me and which made me happy, and the teachings imparted by all the professionals in my uncle’s salon immediately resurfaced: my mentors”.

Together, the two entrepreneurs thus develop an initial project with some shops, and then expand with beauty and tanning centers (solarium). “Over the last 10 years” explains the entrepreneur Paolo Cappelletti “the aesthetics have changed a lot. From basic services, it has evolved, for men and women, into a much larger world, supported by sophisticated innovative technologies. Our protocol of excellence includes anamnesis and a client’s card. The operator’s focus will thus be concentrated on understanding – thanks to our operating manual – what the customer needs most, and satisfying it through experiences made of uniqueness, high technology, sensory paths, confidentiality and intimacy “.

In the institutes of the Sun Beauty company, alongside an aesthetic medicine consultancy given by the collaboration with an international medical-scientific team, the customer can carry out any type of treatment that the beauty and wellness market offers today.

“The goal of our Centers is to allow customers to find a space for themselves, slow down their rhythms and help them listen to their body in order to prevent discomfort and imbalances. This is why we affirm that the most important moment of the treatment is when the client enters the cabin and undresses not only his clothes, but also his disturbances. Here, people must be able to regain their well-being and maintain it. But given the period of crisis, this goal is increasingly complex. People are very tried by the events, they are restless and they are more and more demanding. Therefore they need to be understood and pampered. Paraphrasing Frëdor Dostoevskij: ‘Beauty will save the world’. The writer obviously meant beauty in a broad sense, but when you look in the mirror in the morning and are satisfied with your well-being, you are happier and start your day better. In this we are a point of reference and we can do a lot “.


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