Milan Fashion week, in June men’s fashion returns to the center

It starts with Kiton in the late afternoon of Friday and ends with Zegna, which for the first time will close the fashion week and will do so with a big show event in its Oasi di Trivero, a special place that embodies the values ​​of sustainability, that pact between man and nature that we have the responsibility to carry on.

There are 66 appointments on the calendar, of which only 5 are digital, divided between fashion shows, presentations and events.

A fashion week that puts man back at the center, in fact there will be only two co-ed shows. And then important returns such as Versace, Moschino and Gucci. Return also for Plein Sport and Billionaire, as well as Marcelo Burlon County of Milan who will organize a fashion show and an event on the occasion of the brand’s tenth anniversary.

A key role is also played by the showrooms, which will open their doors to show the various collections.


The Sky Tg24 fashion special

What awaits us is a Fashion Week that sees many great returns and many new arrivals, demonstrating the fact that Milan continues to be a lively and appealing fashion capital for an international audience,”Declared Carlo Capasa, President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion.We are living in a difficult moment due to the war and the pandemic that is hitting China again, it is important that fashion continues to give a message of positivity and hope, responding to the demands of the current time with particular attention to sustainability, inclusion and supporting the new generations.

In fact, the period is not the simplest. With one foot out of the pandemic, the situation is now complicated by the Russian-Ukrainian war and the consequences that the conflict also brings to the markets and, the icing on the cake, the new lockdowns in China. And then the uncertainty about the arrival of press and buyers from Russia due to the sanctions, in addition to the expensive energy and raw materials that quickly pushes prices up.

Although external events do not therefore play in favor of a sector that had marked a strong recovery, fashion reacts in a very positive way.

“A very important fact”, Capasa explained to our microphones, “Is represented by exports, especially in markets such as the US. But the recovery in consumption is also evident internally. ”

After the long and difficult period of pandemic emergency, I am sure that this edition will be marked by great fervor – underlined theCouncilor for Economic Development, with responsibility for Fashion and Design, Alessia Cappello -. This is demonstrated by the return to Milan of great names in fashion and also, as in previous editions, by the debut of many promising young people. I would also like to underline how there is always, on the part of this event and of the Chamber of Fashion in general, a strong attention to the important issues of the present, from environmental sustainability to inclusion. When we talk about creating a system, we also mean this: to put together energies, activate dialogue, participate in the growth of this city and the country, also through targeted and concrete projects capable of responding to the social issues on which everyone, in their own way, it must and can make a contribution”.

The induced activity generated by the fashion week on the city is valid for the sector business of 130 million euros per year.

In short, June looks like a month full of events and we cannot be caught unprepared.

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