Fashion lands on the Metaverse. And fashion week goes digital

The paradox. The season in which the fashion shows return to occupy the real catwalks, after two years of phygital, is also the one in which they land in the Metaverse. A parallel world of creativity without constraints, where you can be anyone, without limits of genre, sizes, volumes, textures and style. Fashion lands in the new virtual and interactive world announced by Zuckerberg with the Meta revolution and does so with the first Fashion Week in the Metaverse, which began on March 24 and has just ended. The fashion meta-week, actually four crowded days, was hosted by the Decentraland platform in collaboration with’s Metaverse Group and the UNXD luxury virtual store, already known for making the Dolce & Gabbana NFT collection possible. , Genesi, and for the launch of #DGFamily, an exclusive community that will give access to special collaborations and unique events, both virtual and real.

The experimental space Vault by Gucci.

For weeks, in the digital spaces of, work has multiplied to create environments, stages, tents and backstage for this first all-virtual runway show, while Decentraland had already made it known several weeks before having received too many requests from the brands of global fashion to satisfy them all (yes, even in the Metaverse some time and attention limits remain). Look, buy. In cryptocurrency. Events, talks, presentations with dozens of global brands and thousands of spectators immersed in an immersive experience. Above all, catwalks of avatars whose garments can be bought in real time and worn by spectators – because the outfit from front row it is also important virtually – and that in some cases they have a version in real life. But if the events are almost all open to access, just create a profile and only for some you will need a VIP Pass, to make purchases you need to have a crypto wallet; Decentraland’s currency is Ethereum.

Vans World su Roblox.

After the first attempts by brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Burberry, which have appeared in the Metaverse through the world of gaming – on Roblox and Fortnite – it seems that the shot has now taken place: practically every brand has or is developing a strategy for the Metaverse. and the first great result is this happening fashionista virtual. And it is curious that fashion, one of the sectors most reluctant to embrace the first digital revolution of websites and social media, is proving to be one of the pioneers of virtual reality.

In a recent report Bloomberg, which estimated the entire turnover of the Metaverse at 800 billion by 2024, underlines how fashion brands are already earning millions, paving the way for a wardrobe that could soon be larger in version. digital than real, effectively making Marie Kondo’s suggestions superfluous. To each her own space. Not only that: unlike physical fashion, a space reserved for the chosen few both on the part of those who create and those who buy, virtual platforms have a democratic allure, with young designers who can find their space and their audience among the GenZ alongside the big names mentioned above.

The Fabricant.

Such as cSapphire, winner of the British Fashion Award for Metaverse Design, which in addition to creating customized outfits for players on Roblox has a store that has sold over two and a half million digital garments (on Twitter: @cSapphireCS). Confirms Daria Shapovalova, co-founder of the marketplace DressX who, with a subscription starting from $ 9.99, packs computerized outfits to show off in the Metaverse or, more simply, on Zoom: «Digital fashion is an inclusive place for designers and gamers. The clothes fit all sizes and suit everyone and designer clothes are much more accessible ». With an eye to sustainability, as he points out, who has been working at the intersection of fashion and technology for some time: «We waste nothing but data and we exploit nothing but imagination. Digital fashion is sustainable by its nature ». an alter ego with whom you can also be envied.

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