Cannes Film Festival: PAPmusic Animation For Fashion launches its first advertising campaign

Countdown to PAPmusic Animation For Fashiona romantic 3D animated Italian comedy written and directed by LeiKiè.

Waiting to see it on the big screen, in fact, the author comedy launches its first advertising campaign at Cannes Film Festival. Six images of the film produced entirely in Italy and made by Not Just Music Srlindependent and autonomous production house.

PAPmusic is similar to POP Music, is inspired by POP ART, but takes its name from P’AP, that is from Ready to wear. And it is in Milan, the capital of Italian fashion, that the original PAPmusic fashion house comes to life, whose story is told in the film.

The attention to the smallest detail of all the different art forms involved (music, fashion, design and Italian artistic heritage), the narrative style, audio and video are the recognizable and driving artistic elements of PAPmusic Animation For Fashionan animated film in Full CGI that is unique in its genre both in terms of content and style.


The different art forms gathered in a witty, urban, surrealist and poetic narrative involve the general public. A story that makes the viewer smile and leads him to recognize himself in the funny, authentic and amusing characters that involve him in their truthful, witty, imaginative and unexpected events.

The rhythm of PAPmusic Animation For Fashion it is dynamic and fast-paced, the style is young and fun. An out-of-the-box multimedia film, whose idea comes from music, develops in stories, takes artistic form in the 3D world through the reconstructions of locations and historical monuments known all over the world.

The passion, the cunning, the ingenuity, the cheating and the ethics will make the young employees of the PAPmusic company face the right and wrong choices who will be guided to the finish line by themselves, making themselves successful and the real protagonists of their professional life .

When events jeopardize the work team in a mocking way, everyone decides to get involved, showing off their skills, attitudes and abilities in a surprising, funny and deserving way.

The main topic dealt with in the work deals with the real working procedures of the fashion world. The young team working in the company PAPmusic he is invited to solve business problems, therefore he must face his own weaknesses, relational conflicts, work and sentimental obstacles, bringing out the best in himself. The events tell about the business, the objectives to be achieved, the willpower put to the test.

The events lead the protagonists to face the emotional weaknesses that also live in love, the sincerity in expressing it, the jealousies, the embarrassing figures that ensue, the misunderstandings or disturbances that derive from it.

PAPmusic Animation for Fashion invites you to smile to the rhythm of music in the company of young, fashion, anti-fashion, nice and funny characters. The narrative and the audio and visual language of PAPmusic Animation For Fashionthey blend perfectly with each other creating a real recognizable style.

PAPmusic Animation For Fashion therefore, it overwhelms the spectator with pleasant surprise through its stylistic language, a natural bond that embraces the plot with visionary scenarios, in which the music presses and is constantly integrated with freshness and dynamism.

Often the narrative breaks are supported by musical moments that can recall fashion-inspired video clips suitable for an audience attentive to trends. At the right moment, the audio becomes playful and demented also thanks to the sound design which, at times, becomes cartoon.



The soundtrack was composed by LeiKiè and contains about 90 original pieces of music that accompany the scenes of the film, inspire the creations of the designer and characterize the characters.

Inside there are purely musical pieces ranging between different genres and songs such as “Kiss me_Ba …”, “Hypnosis” e “The_Dog”.


In the comedy, in addition to telling how business procedures take place in the world of fashion, real fashion collections and numerous looks of the characters are created in 3D. Didactics and aesthetics come together.


Each object and furniture of the sets created in computer graphics has been designed in the style of PAPmusic Animation For Fashion. Fun and originality come together.

Italian artistic heritage

The historic center of Milan, the Colosseum, Pompeii and the Bridge of Sighs in Venice were a source of inspiration for creating CGI scenes and images with great attention to detail. Fun and culture meet.

After long years of creative work and dedication, PAPmusic Animation For Fashion it will be completed in the coming months.

The film begins to unfold …

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