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8 beauty products that have become famous on TikTok you should know right away

The beauty trends are now decided on the favorite social network of Gen Z: in fact, TikTok is the place where, beauty products and hacks have their chance to become real trends allowing all users to find revolutionary cosmetics and innovative formulas with surprising results. Going viral, some videos have completely changed the fate of a product, making it become a real beauty obsession, so much – sometimes – that it is even sold out on the websites of the producer brands.

From perfumes to foundations, passing through beauty tools to lipsticks, here is a ranking of the most famous beauty products become must have thanks to the most used video platform of the moment.

1) Beauty products that have become famous on TikTok the Maybelline Sky High Mascara

Let’s start with a product that has sold out and thanks to the TikTok videos it is now practically impossible to find: the Lash Sensational Sky High mascara di Maybelline.

Considered among the best mascaras in the medium-low price range, it is adored by tiktoker because it guarantees one intense eyes and perfectly volumized lashes and an intense black. The flexible brush adapts to all types of lashes and allows you to curl and give intensity to the look. It is also suitable for sensitive eyes because it removes make-up very easily.

2) Infaillible 24H Fresh Wear by L’Oréal Paris the long lasting compact foundation

With over 315K views it sure is Hayley Buix the user who made the Infaillible 24H Fresh Wear compact foundation by L’Oréal Paris a real trend.

Although it is now a very famous product, there are conflicting opinions on its performance online. Some people idolize him as among the best foundation everwhile for others its texture is definitely too thick and dusty, not allowing to obtain that famous “second skin” effect it promises.

The tiktokers, however, all approve of its durability and resistance (even to water and sweat) and recommend it in particular to those with combination or oily skin to combat the production of excess sebum.

3) The mask-proof lipsticks, Shine Loud High Lip Color by NYX

They have been defined as i best long lasting lipsticks everresistant and comfortable even under the mask and above all completely no transfer.

Available in 24 colors are liquid lipsticks that guarantee 16 hours of absolute brillianceto. The texture is soft and the formula is vegan. Featuring two applicators, the first is infused with an extra bright color but what makes them special is the second step: a particular sealing gloss that makes them comfortable on the lips and blocks their duration.

4) I Heart Revolution, the coconut primer has become a must

Not only make-up also i face care products have become real trends on TikTok, one above all the coconut face primer of I Heart Revolution with nourishing and moisturizing formulations.

It not only smoothes, but mattifies and prepares the skin for makeup, increasing its duration of foundation and corrector and above all regulating the production of sebum. Therefore ideal in the case of combination and oily skin or with a tendency to shine. Available from OVS the product has a very low price and an unmistakable coconut scent.

5) Dr.Jart+ Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30

Much more than a face product, this incredible one cream with a green color acts as a treatment coloring corrective on the skin, acting in particular on redness and discolorations.

Considered as a super light foundation this cream goes to work and correct redness, homogenizing the complexion and perfecting the skin. In fact, once applied the green color disappears becoming a light beige which protects against UV damage, smog and pollution.

The formula enriched by Centella Asiatica helps to make heal the skin (especially the sensitive one) and to counteract skin irritation and redness.

6) Gua Sha face massager one of the super trends of TikTok

Between beauty tool more famous than TikTok there is also him: the Gua Sha face massager in rose quartz. He became famous first among celebrities (among his addicted there is also Miranda Kerr) and then on social media he is one of the beauty accessories most famous ever thanks to the many video tutorials on the net.

To be used morning and evening, after applying a face oil, this massage should improve the quality of the skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines and give tone and freshness to the face. On the social network there is also no shortage of face filters that help to perform the right movements for a state of the art skincare routine.

7) Revlon Salon One Step Hair the easy to use hair dryer brush

From skincare to haircare the step is short on TikTok, where among the accessories and beauty remedies, hair care is absolutely not forgotten. If in fact it is the bathrobe method the most viral on social media for get ringlets without heatamong the heated brushes there is definitely the Revlon One Step Hair Salon.

The before-after in this case are wasted. There are many tiktoker who have tested this brush and put it to the test with all types of hair. Indestructible, light and easy to use, the round brush emits heat like a phone, yes use on both wet and dried hair and allows you to smooth, volumize and create waves delicate on all types of hair.

8) The Ordinary vampire serum

The first ever to make this product famous was Kim Kardashian who already in 2018 in an interview with Allure claimed that among his favorite AHA face serums there was just that of The Ordinary, then the young people of Gen Z rediscovered it and made it a trend again.

The exfoliating peeling solution

Proposed as a real one must have among users of TikTok it should be used with caution (as indeed all products based on alpha hydroxy acids). In fact, being based on acids it could irritate the skin, for this reason it is not a treatment to be used daily, but as a weekly treatment or in case of very sensitive skin even monthly. Inside it too Hyaluronic acid and vitamin B to hydrate and soothe.

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