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Aop Health inaugurates its headquarters in Pisa: the city of the basic Tower for development in Italy

AOP Health, an Austrian pharmaceutical company pioneer in Europe in integrated therapies for rare diseases and intensive care, has chosen Pisa as a base for operations in Italy and yesterday inaugurated its new headquarters in via Forti in the Ospedaletto area: from here, the company will coordinate all activities on the national territory.

“AOP Health has over 25 years of experience in developing innovative disease management solutions and making these solutions available over the long term. We invest around 20% of our turnover in research and development every year to ensure that we reach patients with rare diseases or in critical conditions – comments Georg Fischer, CEO of the AOP Health Group at the Vienna headquarters – from now on, we will be able to serve Italian patients even better; Italy has become for us one of the most important countries in Europe “.

Present in Italy since 2019, AOP Health is at the service of patients suffering from rare diseases and in critical conditions – and the healthcare professionals who assist them – with innovative therapeutic solutions in four therapeutic areas: onco-hematology, cardiology and pulmonology, intensive care and neurology. “An important phase of growth has begun for us since the beginning of the year and we have chosen Pisa as an operational base for the development we envisage in Italy – comments Nicola Zancan, general manager of AOP Health in Italy – we are bringing new therapies to the Italian market integrated with the potential to make a profound difference in the care of people with polycythemia vera, a rare and chronic blood cancer, pulmonary arterial hypertension or chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension. We are very proud to offer solutions that will change the lives of patients, their families and to offer professionals additional treatment options ”.

“AOP Health, focused on the research and development of drugs and integrated solutions for rare diseases and intensive care for 25 years, has set up its Italian base in Pisa, a pole considered particularly attractive for its location and logistics, for the presence of prestigious universities that make it an undisputed city of science, but also for the research activities and the vitality of start-ups in biotech and nanotechnology that make this territory particularly fertile for the scientific and research work of AOP Health – underline – the presence of ‘the company, with its activities, will be an activator of further innovation and development, increasing the opportunities in the field of’ health care sciences’ “.

In Italy, AOP Health collaborates on a daily basis with important academics and the scientific world, both for the implementation of clinical studies related to the development of new drugs, and for the collection of clinical data following the placing on the market of new molecules, so-called ‘real life’ studies which observe data deriving from clinical practice and which serve for the constant improvement of therapies. An international clinical study was recently concluded in collaboration with the Pisan Hospital, with the aim of investigating the efficacy and safety of a drug used in patients in emergency conditions.

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