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World Bee Day: the beauty routine that celebrates bees

“If bees disappeared from the Earth, man would only have four years of life left”. to say it was Albert Einstein who had already understood how important bees were for the maintenance of biodiversity. In fact, it is estimated that 76% of the food we eat is the result of their pollination work. However, we know that this prodigious natural chain is endangered by climate change, pollution and the intensive use of pesticides for agriculture. All reasons that led the UN member states to establish a world day to raise awareness and invite everyone to take concrete action to preserve and protect bees. Yes, because each of us has an individual responsibility towards their protection. In fact, in recent decades, scientific evidence indicates that the decline of these insects is largely a consequence of human activities. Among the organizations active on the subject, the GoodPlanet Foundation shares the belief that bees are essential to protect biodiversity and that future generations are equally essential to protect life on Earth. A call to attention for this so important species returns every year on May 20, thanks to the World Bee Day, or World Bee Day. An opportunity not to be missed to discover the healing wonders of their nectar applied to skincare. Here are five products based on honey or royal jelly with prodigious effects on the skin.

The serum for beautiful hair

Guerlain protects bees with many initiatives included in the Guerlain for Bees Conservation program. Guerlain Research has also amply demonstrated how honey is capable of accelerating the skin’s self-repair mechanisms by multiplying its action against the signs of aging such as wrinkles and loss of tone. Skills that today Guerlain also puts at the service of hair and scalp with Abeille Royale Scalp & Hair Youth-Oil-In- Serum, a light, revitalizing and nourishing oil, based on honey and royal jelly. It has a delicate fragrance with very pleasant honey notes.

The good shower gel in every sense

Honey is the result of an alchemy between the nectar of flowers collected by bees and the transformation carried out in the hive. Known for its toning, antiseptic and healing properties, honey is the protagonist of the line in cosmetics Dream of Honey by Nuxe. Il Surgras Cleansing Gel face and body, with honey and sunflower, it takes care of dry and sensitive skin on a daily basis, respecting the hydrolipidic film. Nuxe also supports the protection of bees and biodiversity by collaborating with A roof for the bees, society for the patronage of hives planted in the Vosges mountain range committed to giving birth to new colonies and thus contributing to the conservation of the species.

The shampoo with rosemary, chamomile and honey

Founded in Athens by two pharmacists, apivita (literally the “life of the bee”) has been creating natural and effective beauty products for face, body and hair since 1979. The formulas exploit the power of nature by combining typical Greek ingredients such as honey and medicinal plants, then enhanced by cutting-edge green cosmetology. The Gentle Shampoo For Frequent Use with chamomile, organic calendula and honey, for example, it is suitable for all hair types. Within the formula, the water has been replaced with an anti-aging and invigorating organic Greek rosemary infusion.

The regenerating mask

Infused with manuka honey from New Zealand and allantoin, the Foreo Farm to Face Manuka Honey Sheet Mask it can be used as a normal fabric mask for a 20-minute relaxing treatment, or as an enhanced facial treatment in combination with the UFO 2 smart masking device, which improves the absorption of active ingredients. Made of natural cellulose derived from the pulp of eucalyptus wood, this ultra-light fabric mask is completely biodegradable as well as ten times more resistant to the growth of bacteria than cotton.

Relaxation moment to give and treat yourself

With lots of moisturizing honey and essential oils of orange and mandarin to elevate the senses and give a sense of relaxation, Bee Lovely Bath and Shower Gel is a lightly foaming gel – for bath and shower – that gently cleanses the skin leaving it soft and silky. The London brand Neal’s Yard Remedies donates 3% of the proceeds from sales to charities created to protect the life of bees. The main of these associations is Bees for Development, which introduced bee colonies to cashew orchards in Ghana to boost yields after discovering that low production rates are the result of poor pollination. A unique project that supports both bees and farmers, with increasingly encouraging results.

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