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Beauty Queen threatened with jail for TikTok criticizing Bali – Tebigeek police

A beauty queen who the Bali police called “corrupt” was forced to apologize after being threatened with jail and deportation.

Estonian model Valeria Vasilieva posted a video on TikTok in which she said the Balinese officers will take “all the money you have”.

In the video, the model says: “If you want to go to Bali, be ready, because the police will stop you everywhere, they will take your documents, until you have given all the money you have.

“Until you pay all the money you have to this fucking corruption police. Good luck.”

Valeria Vasilieva, an Estonian contestant in the contest, accused the Bali police of being corrupt.

Although Vasilieva later deleted the video, Balinese entrepreneur and stylist Niluh Djelantik, 46, saw the model’s post and shared it on her Instagram account, tagging both Badung Police and Denpasar Police.

Djelantik said: “With so many show crowns you have, but still no manners.

“If you’re playing by the rules [such as wearing a helmet]the authorities would not enforce the law… guiding a certain public opinion by saying f * ck * 1ng [corrupt police], if you have no proof you will take care of the law on public deception and defamation. The punishment is imprisonment and deportation ».

Vasilieva posted an apology video which was again shared by the Balinese businesswomen.

Vasilieva told Zenger News: “I was riding a bicycle with my friend, in front of a traffic light where we were waiting with all the cars and bicycles, the police officer came from behind and took the key from the bike.

“Then we went to the office (it’s near this traffic light) and we didn’t understand anything, they showed us the amount to pay and we paid. Everything was fine but I was excited about this situation, they didn’t explain anything and immediately after making that video.

“I realized I made a mistake and erased it in an hour. But people have already saved and posted it everywhere. I apologized and explained the videos, the letters and I really regretted the first video I made ”.

After the apology, Djelantik told the model that she was forgiven, but she still needs to respond for her opening video when she insulted the police.

Meanwhile, outraged Balinese netizens posted threatening messages such as “be careful. We are Balinese. We will come to you and if we see you on the street, be careful “and” you have been forgiven but don’t go back to Indonesia. “

Vasilieva will represent Estonia at the 10th Miss Global 2022 at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center on June 11; however, she told Zenger News that it is unclear whether she will be able to take part.

The Estonian woman is the latest foreign influencer to end up in boiling water in Bali this year after a Canadian man was filmed dancing naked on top of Mount Batur and a Russian yoga influencer was photographed posing naked at the base of a sacred tree. Both were deported from the Indonesian island for their actions.

This story was provided to Newsweek by Zenger News.

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