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(Teleborsa) – The pandemic, with its two years of limitations, has had a major impact on the turismo in general and also the segment of business trips was affected: in 2019 the expenses incurred by companies for professional travel exceeded € 20.6 billion; in 2020, this expenditure decreased to 7.6 billion euros, with a decrease of 63% compared to the previous year. With the relaxation of travel restrictions and the reduction of the contagion in the first months of 2022, however, we return to look at business travel, albeit with greater caution. If before the pandemic only 30% of business trips were insured, employers and travel managers now have a greater perception of the risks to which their employees are exposed on business trips and are therefore aware of the need to protect them through much more careful planning. and adequate insurance coverage.

Zurich Business Travelthe new solution designed by Zurich Italy, is the answer to employers and travel managers who want to return their employees to travel, but with more safety, protecting them against any eventuality during their travels.

A multi-risk policy dedicated to companies in all product sectors, from small organizations to large multinationals, to insure employees and collaborators when they travel in Italy or abroad for work. Zurich Business Travel can be modulated through three packages with increasing benefits – Smart, Full and Top – with guarantees related to the world of illness, accidents, assistance, civil liability, theft. Has innovative guarantees such as death due to heart attack or stroke; loss, theft or damage to money, bank cards, travel documents and keys.

They are included guarantees for any pandemic ed epidemic specifically designed to avoid inconvenience and inconvenience related to the current crisis situation, for example the possible cancellation of the business trip due to mandatory health quarantine imposed or the possible extension of the business trip due to quarantine or convalescence.

The new solution is designed to protect the employee and the family even in the private sphere. It is in fact possible to extend the main guarantees also to family members accompanying the employee and to insure leisure trips undertaken in the 15 days before or after the trip.

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