Travel Expert multiplies services: four modules in the 2022 contract

A multiplication of services and opportunities available to Personalwith three new modules – Incoming, Companies e App – which go alongside that Leisure without imposing additional costs on travel consultants. This is the characteristic of the 2022 contract of Travel Expertbased on a modular structure which allows consultants to choose the modules of interest to them.

“Stay anchored to one business – explains Luigi Porroco-founder of Travel Expert (in the photo on the left in the company of Paola Frigerio e del co-founder di Travel Expert Davide Volpe) – makes today as much as ever fragile the position of a tourism professional. So here we are to present new opportunities especially in receptive It is on business marketto be added to our consolidated one leisure outgoing vocation”.

The Leisure module
The starting point is the Leisure module, which includes products and services for outgoing and also offers technology and marketing to support Personal Travel Experts on a daily basis. The product warehouse is complete, thanks to agreements with tour operators, DMCs and suppliers of complementary sales services.

I Local Expert
On the front Incomingon the other hand, the new contract capitalizes on the work carried out in the last 24 months by some Personal, which have also become Local Expert and contributed to the creation of experiential receptive products in line with new customer needs. The enhancement of the product is associated with a sad hoc software for the loading of experiences and the construction of packages by Personal Travel Experts. Marketing is possible through access to national and international sales channels offline and online.

The novelty of contact with the corporate world
Il Companies module (Business Travel and Mice) is a novelty for the figure of the Personal in Italy, which no one has ever approached the corporate world. In this context, Travel Expert’s industrial partner is Frigerio Group and the module aims to offer Personal all the support to manage services to companies.

Finally the modulo Appperfectly integrated with the site and the back-office, which allows you to digitize the relationship with the customeropening a dedicated communication channel for sending offers and quotes, travel documents and messages regarding the status of the reservation.

“Our modular Fridom format – he underlines Paola Frigerio, Travel, Marketing & Network Director of the Frigerio Viaggi Group – inspired Travel Expert, who reworked it on the specific needs of its consultants. The segment of travel consultants is undoubtedly growing and joins in an important way to that of agencies present in the area with their own physical point. We have received with pleasure the invitation to to make physical networks and digital networks of consultants collaborate and in the first months of collaboration with Travel Expert we have already reached and exceeded important milestones “.

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