Travel blogger profession. Ivan and Letizia leave Mauritius again •

Not only Italy, but also Sharm El Sheik, Austria and Germany then Covid arrived which stopped the world, but not the dreams of Ivan Di Cicilia (34), of Cattolica and Letizia Ricci (39), of Riccione, that at that time they also invented a new profession. And now they are ready to start again and tell about new destinations: the first will be Mauritius. “We are a couple of Travel Bloggers who have always had a great passion for travel – they tell -.We met 5 years ago, through friends and an “on the road” trip around the entire coast of Puglia. It was on that journey that we aligned ourselves with what our life together would be like. Both, alone, we had traveled a lot, but it was time to do it together as Giroviaggiando.mondo. All this happened at the end of 2018 ″.

“We opened all the social networks including the Youtube channel, where we started uploading videos of our outings in Italy, up to the first destination abroad which was SharmelSheik, in 2019, a place I knew very well – explains Ivan – since he had spent a whole year working on us as an animator. In that first video, very “primitive”, I realized that I really liked being in front of the camera. So, on our return from that trip, we started planning many destinations to visit but, unfortunately, during a tour between Austria and Germany on the road, we heard about this strange virus that was circulating around the world. After a few months it also arrived in Italy and all our projects had to stop ».

“During a lockdown, we were both home from our respective jobs, we decided that in life we ​​wanted to be a Travel Blogger by profession. In a short time we wrote a business plan, then a lot of study as a videomaker as far as I’m concerned and a lot of social training for Letizia. And so I resigned from my job in the factory that oppressed me so much, while Letizia was put on layoffs. Today we are happy, because we do a job that we like, with our company open in 2021 and finally we have a 2022 full of travel ahead of us. Many have said that tourism is not an indispensable sector, but thinking that it is 13% of our nation’s GDP, it also makes you understand how many people live and feed their families by being travel agents, tour leaders… ».

The goal of the restart is the island of Mauritius, an island that for many is only sea and beach, precisely for this conception we are going to shoot a video where we will show the beauties of the entire island from its green heart to its crystalline sea, a island that contains an example of how to perfectly balance all the elements of nature that is part of the famous tourist corridors and that is actually really affordable even in price. This will be our maiden voyage towards the restart of a sector and an almost normalcy of many people“.

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