This is how luxury travel changes: the trends of 2022 –

29 March


by Giulia Di Camillo
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Sustainability (and awareness), super exclusive experiences, lots of advice and event travel. These are the four trends in 2022 five-star travel that emerged from a survey by the network of specialized adv Virtuoso, which can count on a data warehouse of over 49.5 billion dollars in transactions, and which traces the profile of the luxury traveler after Covid. We have added the fifth trend, namely stays in villas and historic homes.

1. UP LEVEL SUSTAINABILITY. The pandemic, but also the current geopolitical scenario, is leading people to be more aware of their impact on the planet, leading to that phase that Virtuoso has defined as “the conscious comeback”, or conscious return. In one of the latest polls by the network of specialist luxury agencies, which also published his at the end of 2021 Sustainability White Paper, 82% of travelers confirmed the need for responsible tourism, with 78% stressing the importance of choosing companies with a strong green policy, in order to protect the world around us, to support local economies and celebrate cultures, defending their history, traditions and changes. All factors, these, which as said by 70% of the interviewees, significantly improve the travel experience. «Like roots for a tree, sustainability is fundamental in tourism. We must adopt practices and behaviors that improve the surrounding environment. If we can do this, the sustainable and regenerative journey will gain more momentum quickly, ”he says Jessica Hall UpchurchVirtuoso vice-chair & sustainability strategist.

2. EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCES. A hyper-personalized trip to Mexico in the exclusive Isla Holbox to swim with whale sharks, or glamping in Los Angeles between caviar and Japanese beef and ultra-luxury travel by helicopter. Experts have no doubts, 2022 is the year of experiences to be done at least once in a lifetime, those that Virtuoso collects in hiking list. 76% of specialist consultants see a recent increase in high-spending travel such as African safaris, special tours to Caribbean islands, international capitals and ocean cruises. The repression of demand due to the long stop due to Covid has accelerated the further development of high-end tourism of couples and families in the first place, despite the continuous increase in costs, with future hotel rates rising and air ticketing that in spring already marks a + 19% on 2019.

3. ESSENTIAL ADVICE. Cancellations, cancellations, rerouting. The global pandemic has upset the balance, but consultants and travel agents continue to demonstrate their enormous value both for the schemes of the entire tourism industry, and for their high-end customers, who are clearly also the most demanding. Between national and international rules in continuous change, with the uncertainty caused by the war in Ukraine, the health documentation to be produced and presented, it has never been so necessary to turn to and rely on professionalism and know-how of an agent or consultant to plan, book and also make sure in view of possible travel interruptions or problems. Virtuoso shows how the request for consultancy stands at + 50% compared to 2020.

4. CELEBRATION TRAVEL. In making up for lost time, event trips linked to weddings, anniversaries or important birthdays to celebrate are also among the main trends of 2022. As well as the so-called reunions, holidays that families and friends are organizing more and more often to reconnect with loved ones after the forced separation of recent years. All reasons that are the protagonists of the increase in demand for 78% of the interviewees by Virtuoso, who draws from a data warehouse of over 49.5 billion dollars of transactions, with Mexico and Caribbean Islands among the favorite destinations of customers. For this type of trip, cruises are also very popular, such as those of Paul Gauguin Cruises to live the dream of French Polynesia, or even Africa and the Maldives in super-equipped resorts or lodges. For the more adventurous, there is also space for jungle tours in timeless destinations such as Costa Rica, near the Arenal Volcano, while for romantic weddings and beach shootings in Hawaii, a popular destination among Italians.

5. 5-STAR HOLIDAY RENTALS. Luxury villas in exclusive real estate complexes, estates with stunning views of private islands and suites in the historic city centers. The luxury market faces the post-pandemic with renewed momentum and becomes a pillar of the relaunch strategies of numerous travel big players, starting with the Italian giant Alpitourwhich last February launched the new collection of luxury villas under the brand Made by Turisanda in partnership con G Rentamong other things listed on the Euronext Growth Milan market of the Italian Stock Exchange.

On the plate a series of worldwide special projects including the marketing of the Borgo delle Stelle real estate complex in Porto Cervo, Sardinia. «Important agreement – he declares Pier Ezhayatour operating general manager of Alpitour World – Step who completes the offer and allows us to anticipate the future ».

Always strong in this area the Nicolaus Group which implements the portal B2B Hellovillas, born from the experience gained with Raro and the Hello Book online booking system. Here there are historic residences, exclusive houses in the city center and boutique hotels in Italy and the Mediterranean, for a total of 2,400 products on offer.

Then there is Mandarin Orientalwhich launches its collection of select private villas called “Exclusive Homes”, in collaboration with the community StayOne. They range from a Georgian-style house to 200-hectare private estates in the heart of the Cotswold (UK), to idyllic beachfront accommodation in the south of France or the Balearics, including a villa on the private island of Tagomago. «These solutions fit perfectly into our portfolio. They allow guests to explore the destination in different ways, ”he comments James Rileyad Mandarin.

Finally, the very Italian Duomo Smart Suites of Kaleidoscope / Overseas, in the heart of Milan, literally a stone’s throw from the Duomo and Torre Velasca. Seven suites with independent and automated access, but with the possibility of being easily transformed into communicating rooms.

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