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The 2022 season of Valcar – Travel & Service continues in the name of young talents which, after the successes on the road by Chiara Consonni at Dwars door Vlaanderen and Silvia Persico at Liberation, can celebrate for the medals of the pistard Miriam Vece (bronze on 500 meters) and Consonni herself (gold in the madison and in the team pursuit), protagonists in Canada in the second act of the Nations Cup.
Three athletes who grew up in the youth teams of the Bergamo-based team, who on several occasions have shown that they know how to launch many athletes into professionalism at the end of a path of growth and long-term planning.

This year the Valcar – Travel & Service nursery can count on 20 girls divided between beginners (8), students (6) and juniors (6). A group that has already brought thirteen successes.
Results aside, the important thing is the growth shown by all the girls in blue-fuchsia sweaters.
«The main objective of the company is to make the girls gain experience, first on an individual level and then as a team “, explains Alessandro Ferrari, that follows the beginners and the students. «We do not take into consideration the results of the rookie team: what counts is to make them run in every way: sprint, attacks, escapes; they have to try everything, even if they make mistakes. And they must be able to work as a team: transfers by bus to the races are an integral part of their growth path».
What about the students instead?
«I have six girls divided between first and second years. And with them we start talking about the team, about communication in the race, about running tactics. Having learned to run individually as a rookie, they must be able to run as a team among the students. And, of course, also in terms of training they must demonstrate greater autonomy».

The junior season has been fabulous so far. The girls headed by Andrea Manzini they have already taken five victories and two podium finishes, also gaining experience in important and international races.
«The best moment, however, was the rest day in the Bordighera retreat in February “, explains the sports director. «Playing and having lunch on the beach created the right alchemy among the girls, who are showing that feeling even in running. There are only six of them, but they move well and hold their own against teams with more than ten athletes».
In detail, what can you tell us about the girls?
«The three girls of the second year are helping a lot the three teammates of 2005. Francesca Pellegrini and Serena Brillante Romeo have already won and have already been called up for the national team. Sofia Dognini is growing after the physical problems of the beginning of the year and on 8 May she almost finished. Between the first years, Marta Pavesi is busy with the first outings on the track with the national team, while Giorgia Bertoni and Martina Carrara are making great strides in this new category: for them, used to competing with their peers, it is not easy to participate in Open competitions where there are also the elites. But, after school, they will improve further».


BEGINNERS WOMEN: Maria Acuti, Nadia Camoni, Ilaria Gritti, Sofia Pezzotta (2008); Viola Barbieri, Martina De Vecchi, Valentina Ravelli, Carlotta Ronchi (2009) – ds Alessandro Ferrari
PALMARES: six wins and seven podiums

WOMEN STUDENTS: Lucia Brillante Romeo, Giorgia Manzini and Emma Viscardi (2006); Misia Belotti, Giulia Limonta and Giulia Zambelli (2007) – ds Alessandro Ferrari
PALMARES: two wins and a second place

WOMEN JUNIOR: Serena Brillante Romeo, Sofia Dognini and Francesca Pellegrini (born in 2004); Giorgia Bertoni, Martina Carrara and Marta Pavesi (class 2005) – ds Andrea Manzini
PALMARES: five wins and two second places



Categoria junior

• Wins: 5
Serena Brillante Romeo, Ticino GP (27/03) – Galliate
Francesca Pellegrini, GP City of Gossolengo (06/03) – Gossolengo
Francesca Pellegrini, GP of the City of Ceriale (13/03) – Ceriale
Francesca Pellegrini, 9th Small Binda Trophy (20/03) – Cittiglio
Francesca Pellegrini, First Cibus Restaurant Cup (15/05) – Bolzano

• 2nd places: 2
Marta Pavesi, GP of the Ticino Valley (27/03)
Francesca Pellegrini, National Pink Day (24/04)

• 4th places: 1
Serena Brillante Romeo, First Cibus Restaurant Cup (15/05) – Bolzano

• 5th places: 1
Marta Pavesi, GP Boncellino – time trial (30/04)

6th place Serena Brillante Romeo in Monselice
7th place Marta Pavesi First Cibus Restaurant Cup (15/05) – Bolzano
8th place international Francesca Pellegrini at the Tour du Gévaudan Occitanie femmes – 2nd stage (08/05)
9th place Serena Brillante Romeo in Ceriale

Student category

• Wins: 2
Lucia Brillante Romeo, criterium of the Liberation of Crema (25/04)
Lucia Brillante Romeo, Bussolati Asfalti Trophy (08/05)

• 2nd places: 1
Lucia Brillante Romeo, Rossignoli memorial (24/04)

• 4th places: 1
Lucia Brillante Romeo, 11th “Terre Gaie” Wine Trophy (27/03)

8th Lucia Brillante Romeo in Riccione
8th Lucia Brillante Romeo in Vignate
9th Lucia Brillante Romeo at the GP San Mauro Pascoli
8th Giulia Limonta at the GP City of San Mauro Pascoli, in Maser and at the City of Ragogna
9th Giulia Limonta at the Criterium of Liberation

Beginners category

• Wins: 4
Maria Acuti, criterium of the Liberation of Crema (25/04)
Maria Acuti, IV Effebi Trophy of Vignate (15/05)
Carlotta Ronchi, GP City of San Mauro Pascoli (18/04)
Carlotta Ronchi, IV Effebi di Vignate Trophy (15/05)

• 2nd places: 3
Martina De Vecchi, GP Primavera (01/05)
Martina De Vecchi, IV Effebi di Vignate Trophy (15/05)
Carlotta Ronchi, Cycling day in Riccione (10/04)

• 3rd places: 3
Martina De Vecchi, criterium of the Liberation of Crema (25/04)
Maria Acuti, GP of the city of San Mauro Pascoli (18/04)
Maria Acuti, Bussolati Asfalti Trophy (08/05)

• 5th places: 2
Maria Acuti, GP Spring (01/05)
Martina De Vecchi, GP City of San Mauro Pascoli (18/04)

Carlotta Ronchi: two sixth places in Crema (25/04) and Maser (01/05)
Martina De Vecchi: sixth in Ricchione (10/04)
Maria Acuti: sixth in the men’s race in Lodetto di Rovato, seventh in Riccione and Vo ‘
Nadia Camoni: ottaca at the Rossignoli memorial (24/04)
Ilaria Gritti: 10th in Maser (01/05)


Student category

Panza Ossitaglio Trophy in Dalmine on May 5th
2nd Lucia Brillante Romeo and 5th Emma Viscardi in the keirin

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