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Hair oil, the beauty secret for strong and shiny hair – iO Donna

Ccompletely natural, based on extracts rich in benefits and intoxicating aromas, hair oil is the hair beauty secret of many women. First of all the Indians, who for centuries have applied it in the evening to strengthen and polish the hair. ORToday it is being rediscovered thanks to some celebities who have made it their must have. Everything you need to know.

Hair oil, from Ayurvedic medicine to celebs

For her wedding, Nicholas Peltz has illuminated its semi-harvest Nineties With the’Healing Oil by Adir Abergel. Meghan Markle confessed to Beauty Banner to use the Luminous Smoothing Oil by Wella: «It smells like holidays and leaves hair soft and smooth». Hair oil cappears even in the second season of Bridgerton, because the Sharma sisters dedicate themselves to this evening gesture as a beauty ritual before bedtime.

Meghan Markle’s Shiny Hair (Getty Images)

L’Hair Oiling it’s a practice of Ayurvedic medicine recommended to strengthen skin and body, but also to stimulate relaxation. Not only, in Indian culture it is a symbol of maternal lovein fact, it is the mother who has applied it several times a week in the evening since she was little, passing on her knowledge.

Hair oil, for each hair its own

If you think that hair oils are only suitable for particularly dry and damaged hair, you are mistaken because there is one suitable for every problem, just find the right blend. In the various blends, they are often present oils extracted from plants, seeds and flowers with incredible beneficial properties.

Depending on the mix and concentrations, the oil can in fact respond to various hair needs. Basic, the most popular ingredient is neem oilobtained from a plant that grows in India and Myanmar, with regenerative and strengthening properties. Among the other most popular, also coconut oil and sesame oil.

For fine, dull and dry hair, jojoba, almond or olive hair is suitable. In case of dryness of the scalp, lavender or almond oils are excellent.

If, on the other hand, the problem is the seasonal fall, a good tip is to mix amla oil with almond oil or coconut oil with a few drops of rosemary or lavender oil, revitalizing and nourishing the bulb.

How hair oil is applied

On TikTok the videos dedicated to the application of hair oil are many. The first step? Heat it to become lukewarm, not hot. Subsequently, a few drops are taken on the palms and, starting from the “crown” chakra (to locate it, just count eight fingers from the eyebrows up) the massage begins.

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At this point, the oil must be first applied by tapping it lightly, so as to stimulate the microcirculation and promote the growth of the follicle, then massaging it with circular movements on the rest of the skin, dividing the hair into locks so as to facilitate application. Et voila, shiny hair. And relaxed, brighter thoughts.


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