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Where are we with refill products?

The battle to reduce waste and make the beauty industry sustainable seems to have a hopeful future thanks to refills and refillable products. The problem related to cosmetic containers, in fact, is well known: making the formulas cleaner and the supply chain more sustainable, in fact, is not enough to guarantee a greener and more planet-friendly cosmetics. Packaging management is crucial: the containers, in fact, serve both to attract the consumer and to preserve the formulation, protecting it. Hence, giving up glass bottles, boxes and pots is almost as impossible as finding the right way to recycle them correctly. The percentage of plastic actually recycled, in fact, is around 71%. A possible solution is, therefore, really represented by the refill and not only because – according to data from The LCA Center – it would allow save about 70% of CO2, 65% of energy and 45% of water, but also because the commitment of brands towards sustainability really seems to be increasingly oriented towards refills. The mechanism appears simple: once the external pack of the product has been produced, it is simply necessary to refill it in the store or purchase the appropriate refills, halving the waste of plastic and guaranteeing a much longer life cycle for cosmetic containers.

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Fenty Icon Refillable Lipstick: the refillable lipstick

With a range of 7 neutrals and 3 reds, Fenty Icon offers high pigmentation, a light feel and full color lips. A lipstick created by Rihanna to be refillable, to allow everyone to play with color, as well as to obtain an accessory that, in the long run, allows to protect the Planet.


KORA OrganicsBerry Bright Vitamin C Eye Cream

The easiest way to make refill easy to use is to create an external pack and make special refill pods to insert and replace. In this way, a treatment like Berry Bright Vitamin C Eye Cream by Kora Organics can give its benefits not only to the eye area, but also to the environment.


Kérastase Chroma Absolu Bain Riche Chroma Respect

Kérastase revolutionizes its approach to sustainability by renewing the shampoo dispensing system for five lines of the brand. Refillable Bain, in fact, are available in aluminum bottles and refillable indefinitely. The credit goes to the refill, which reduces the use of plastic by 82% compared to 2 bottles of 250ml shampoo.


Diego dalla Palma Milan, the Face Refill Palette

Practical and functional, the Palette Face Refill by Diego dalla Palma it is made with a magnetic bottom to allow the positioning of the pods. In addition to personalizing the makeup, the refillable palette allows you not to transform the entire pack into waste and to change only the product pods.


Sublime Skin Intensive Serum di Comfort Zone

In addition to a formulation with 99% of ingredients of natural origin, Sublime Skin Intensive Serum by Comfort Zone is the first reference of Comfort Zone in refill format. The glass bottle, in fact, can be reused and recycled. The refill also weighs 91% less than the original pack, reducing CO2 emissions and the product’s environmental impact.


Dermalogica, Daily Microfoliant Refill

To keep plastic away from the environment, Dermalogica has created Daily Microfoliant Refill with 92% less plastic, 95.6% less oil and 95.7% less greenhouse gas emissions than the bottleto the sieve and to the cap of the standard Daily Microfoliant package.


Crema Corpo Ultra Ricca 25% Shea from Occitan

L’Occitane Ultra Rich 25% Shea Body Cream has been reformulated with at least 95% ingredients of natural origin, it has a hypoallergenic scent and a formula that respects the pH of the skin. Not only that, the eco-refill of the product allows you to save 28 tons of plastic per year.


Everdrop Natural Care, Body Wash

The Everdrop line by Natural Care consists of liquid hand soap and shower gel based on an innovative powder format, which are transformed into a gel directly at home. That’s why the brand has thought about refills in sachets, which can reduce the use of single-use plastic and CO2 emissions related to transport.


The Refillable Deodorant by Equivalenza

One of the strongest aspects of Equivalenza’s environmental policy is the innovative Refill system, refillable bottles countless times. The brand’s policy is clear: each reused bottle is one less waste and significantly reduces the environmental impact of the product. Thanks to this philosophy, since 2017 I am 5.3 million perfume bottles were saved, as well as 653 tons of glass. The refill system has also made it possible to reduce plastic consumption by up to 91%.


My Way Floral Eau De Parfum Refill by Giorgio Armani

The feminine fragrance characterized by a fresh, bright and lively bouquet by Giorgio Armani is also available in a refillable version. The ideal complement to forest protection and conservation programs to respect the brand’s biodiversity: in this way, My Way Floral achieves carbon neutrality.


Magic Eye Rescue Refill di Charlotte Tilbury

A small capsule to insert to enjoy the hydrating power of Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Eye Rescue Refill and make your skincare routine more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


YUZU-C Beauty Sleeping Mask di Waso

In the form of a pod, YUZU-CBeauty Sleeping Mask comes with a refill that is easy to insert into the jar. A simple gesture, which allows to reduce the use of plastic by 89%.


The green philosophy of Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art

Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art uses refillable and reusable glass bottles and jars with the appropriate refills and ingredients with low environmental impact, to encourage and allow a contribution of environmental ethics thanks to simple gestures.


Bioclin Ecoricarica Refill

Bioclin Laboratorio Dermonaturale has found the green solution for the deodorant: it is the Ecoricarica DEO 24H fresh. A 200 ml flow pack, designed to fill the deodorant bottle up to twice. The flow pack also contains 90% less plastic than 2 bottles of 100 ml of Bioclin
PART 24H fresh Vapo.


Rituals refill policy

Rituals Refill collection allows you to continue to use luxury and beautiful products at home, being aware of the planet. “Only in 2021, we have saved 434,138 kg of materialsthanks to the customers who have chosen our wide range of eco-chic refills “, says Niki Schilling, Director of Innovation and Sustainability. “Aware of the crucial role that trees play in the future of our planet, we introduced the Buy One Refill program, Grow One Tree, to trigger proactive changes that support our environment». Throughout the year, therefore, Rituals will plant, protect or restore a tree for each refill sold.


The project to make the beauty routine rechargeable

Thanks to the project created with Unilever Italia and Laserwall, the social village Cascina Merlata, one of the most vital and green residential districts in Milan, is equipped with “condominium lockers” thanks to which sit will be possible to experiment individual and condominium lockers and refill stations. In particular, the refill stations positioned inside the condominium will allow condominiums to to fill autonomously the empty bottles of the most popular products for cleaning the house and, soon, also detergents for personal care.

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