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Il fashion world is among the most competitive sectors in the worldand for small and medium-sized local businesses to emerge among the numerous existing fashion brands, where fast fashion and luxury are the masters, can be a real challenge.

Particularly nowadays, for a small business to have its own online presence is indispensable for diffondere brand awareness even outside your geographic area and potentially increase sales.

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Many users, in fact, much prefer buy directly from the online shop because generally the product catalog has lower prices than those in the physical store; in addition, making exchanges and returns is very simple and does not require wasting time in the shop.

Why contact a web agency for your website?

Lots of activities to make sure you have a professional and optimized website they rely on one web agency Roma.

Among the leading companies in the sector in Italy, Noviia Agencyexpert in website creation, web design, SEO consultancy e creation of ecommerce sitesand the first agency in Europe to reach the result of 99/100 on Google PageSpeed ​​Insights in 2020 through the creation of the fashion portal ShoppingMap.itcan help you develop a web marketing strategy to launch your online fashion store or to improve the performance of your website, so increase the visibility of your brand in search engine results.

Analysis phase

Before planning the strategy and developing or renewing the ecommerce site, it is however necessary to carry out thebrand and market analysis of reference.

In this first phase the competition is therefore studied and identified i strengths and weaknesses of your brand to understand what you have more and, above all, what you do not have compared to your competitors. At the same time, it is necessary to define the targets and identify i target of the strategy.

If your site is already onlinethrough the use of tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights e Analytics the web agency you will contact will be able to outline the strategy starting from the data provided, in particular concerning the site performanceil traffic e le conversions and take action on any problems found.

Development of the strategy and ecommerce website of the fashion brand

The second phase of the project involves the actual web strategy and it development of the ecommerce site. If you contact a web agency, the dedicated professional figures will be programmer and web designer who will develop the site using the CMS for ecommerce sites best suited to your brand, choosing between platforms such as Shopify, Prestashop o Woocommerce.

In the world of fashion brands the image is everything and develop a attractive designwith a logo, a style and a color palette that accurately communicate the identity of the brand is fundamental.

Similarly, i visual content they will have to be of high quality: no one is tempted to buy from a brand with poor photos that do not highlight the quality of the product.

It will be even more important to present i products worn by real models for each individual size and design, then show the fit, thus facilitating the user in choosing and purchasing the dress or accessory that best suits him. You will also need to enter the magnifying glass functionality allowing the user to see the product in the photo in more detail.

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Essential elements of the site

The ecommerce site must contain information related to the identity of the brand, therefore the “about us” page to allow users to learn about the history and values ​​of the company, the people and the passion that put us behind the scenes, especially in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises that generally invest more in the quality and uniqueness of the product rather than in the amount.

The “where we are” page to invite users to visit the store as well, the product catalog presented in detail with the reviewsthe FAQ that can answer any doubts about purchases, returns, exchanges, payments and shipments, and possibly the blog to be exploited to launch new collections, offer advice and guides on the style to be adopted for every occasion, talk about seasonal trends and the most important fashion events in Italy, such as the fashion weeks in Rome and Milan.

Another element that every website of a fashion brand must absolutely have is the lookbook. It is a collection of photographic shots of a specific collection, of a particular fashion style, or even of different variations of a product, which not only allows the brand to tell about itself and to promote itself but can also be a source of inspiration for your community.

Finally, you can include a contact form to enrich the database of your contacts, a messaging button instant such as a chatbot or WhatsApp, and finally the newsletterwhich will be useful for your customer loyalty strategy by sending periodic emails and on special occasions, such as birthdays, containing discount codes.

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SEO strategy

However, in order to be visible in the SERPs, the ecommerce site must also offer valuable content optimized for search engines.

For this reason, it is also important to adopt an SEO strategy for the project.

Il SEO consultant of the web agency Rome, thanks to tools such as Semrush e SeoZoomwill perform a keyword research targeted related to the fashion language and the products on sale on which the website will then be positioned: for example, if your brand falls under the category of sustainable brands, it will be useful to exploit keywords such as “slow fashion”, “sustainable clothing”, or even “ethical fashion”.

In particular, the environmental and social sustainability of a brand is a theme that is very dear to Millennials and Gen Z, so if you want to target very young audiences, it will be essential to highlight this aspect of your business.

How to use Google for your fashion brand

Two other very useful tools to improve your positioning in the Google SERP are offered by Google itself. I’m talking about Google Ads e Google My Business.

The first allows you to create sponsored campaigns to position your ecommerce site on the keywords that the SEO consultant identified in the analysis phase and to generate customer leads, the second is the Google business profile of your business that thanks to the use of local SEOappears on the results of search carried out by the user via geolocationfor example “Roma Prati jewelry”.

Google My Business must be treated in the same way as the website: it is necessary to enter the contact information, the commercial category, the description of the brand, the time, the images, the products, the button with call to action, manage and possibly moderate the reviews and Q&A section, and finally take advantage of the post section to publish announcements, offers, events and launch new collections. It will be important to include keywords in each text, including responses to reviews and questions.

Monitoring phase

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Once your brand’s website has been launched or relaunched, to find out if the new strategy is actually working, just monitor the data provided by tools such as Analytics and Semrushwith particular attention to the user behaviorso how they move around the site and what actions they perform along the way (user navigation flow), and al conversion rateso how many of them turn into customers.

Finally, don’t forget that the world of fashion is a constantly evolving sector. The use of tools such as Google Trends can offer you an overview of the progress of user searches and related queries by being so in step with new trendson which you can create content for your ecommerce site and blog, attracting traffic and generating leads.

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