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Gucci Cosmogonie Cruise 2023: beauty and hair look between past and future – iO Donna

Castellane long-haired and travelers of the future with their hair like Leila from Star Wars: in Castel Del Monte it was staged Cosmogony, the 2023 Cruise Collection by Gucci. And it is a triumph (also) of beauty, understood as beauty look in the name of eclecticism: Alessandro Michele, as always, plays and mixes historical and literal references in a unique that literally points to the stars.

Gucci Cosmogonie, i beauty look Cruise 2023

The location is one of those that cannot be more suggestive than this: Castel Del Montewhich has stood candied on a hill since the thirteenth century, not only World Heritage Site since 1996. A place full of energy but also of esotericism, which hides a series of references to stars, constellations and symbolisms, one above all the 8, a symbol of infinity, Alessandro Michele’s inspiration for his Cosmogonies.

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And it is here, around this medieval fortress on which constellations and zodiac signs have been projected under a full red moon, that Alessandro Michele he told about his new journey this time between past, present and future. T.ра Медиоево Star Warsyou refer to Seventies and leap forward in time, into a future full of sequins.

In all this, the beauty look, a real astral and historical encyclopedia of hair look from the past and a not too distant future.

Hair: very long like Arwen from “The Lord of the Rings”

Held by a ruff of Elizabethan memory, by large, full-brimmed hats mood Seventies o da fasce in stile Eighties, hair dominates beauty looks of the Cosmogonie fashion show.

Long, indeed very long, they evoke ancient medieval ladies but also Princess Arwen de The Lord of the Rings. Carry yourself lightly wavy are in the wind, with a central line.

… Shaved “logoed” with double G

There is no shortage of opposites of the long: in stark contrast they also parade shaved hair, just a few millimeters of hair needed to log them with the double G of the brand. I refer, glam, to the London of the Sex Pistols.

Between the two extremes, there is a whole world of styling that also looks to the near future, symbolized above all by the gathered with side braided chignon in Princess Leia’s style Star Wars.

They are not missing very dense curls like the “Disco Inferno” or the Bowl Cut, that bowl cut of the courts of yore. To be worn with straight and full bangs.

Al make up, rossetti e blush

In this whole encyclopedia of hair looks that explore the centuries, a few red lips stand out here and there. Or rather, a glossed orange-red. In stark contrast to the nude majority that depopulates in this stellar tale.

Another focus of make-up, a blush in orange nuance, applied to very broad brushstrokes not only on the cheekbone but also on the eyelids, an intense smoky eye effect. Futuristic Eighties.


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