Fashion Cloud grows and expands on the Italian territory

Fashion Cloud puts the turbo in Italy and increases its presence on the Italian market. Since its debut in the Bel Paese in 2020, more than a thousand Italian shopkeepers have started working with the B2b-Solution platform. Now, the push for digital transformation in the fashion sector in Italy has meant that Fashion Cloud points to the Italian market as a territory on which to focus its expansion.

The growth strategy in the Peninsula is mainly based on two key points. The first concerns the unique solution that binds brands and retailers: Fashion Cloud offers a b2b platform for the exchange of content and the online creation of orders and pre-orders for a specific brand and collection. The second thing is given by the strong presence of Fashion Cloud in the German and Northern European market and this allows Italian brands to work with very strong and famous shopkeepers in these markets.

“Over the last few years – he explains Alies ter Kuile, co-owner of Fashion Cloud and responsible for the expansion in Italy – we have seen how Italian brands and retailers are focusing more online: increasing investments in online stores, content and digitizing their purchasing processes. This motivates us to be part of this digital transformation and at the same time reassures us that Fashion Cloud is suitable for the Italian market ”.

Fashion Cloud is the all-in-one platform for retailers and brands in the fashion sector, it offers digital b2b solutions for pre and post-collection orders, access to content and supply of garments that are always ordered by the retailers themselves. “This means – explains the company – that retailers automatically receive marketing material, product data (a factor that facilitates the opening of online stores), integration with market places and above all they strengthen the distribution and visibility of brands. In addition, smart buying ensures that the processes and ordering phases of the collections are efficient by using sales and inventory data that give suggestions on what to buy together with help on automatic ordering of garments. The result: fashion brands and retailers do 10 to 30% more business “.

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