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Beauty is choosing the right color with color harmony – Lifestyle

Not just the latest in anti-aging or make-up, not just skin care with new technologies. Sometimes it is simply the choice of the colors we wear that “makes the difference”. Word of Lia Giorgio, image consultant and bridal stylist, among the protagonists of the first Milan Beauty Week, the week that Cosmetica Italia dedicated to the culture of beauty and well-being, in collaboration with Cosmoprof and Esxence.
“How many times have we met a friend who complimented: how well you are! And maybe we hadn’t even slept too much – Giorgio tells ANSA – But we had chosen the blouse or sweater of the right color for us. result of the color scheme. I have always done this job with my stomach – he continues – I come from the world of hairdressers and hairdressers. But discovering the color scheme has changed my whole approach “. A real science, she says, in which it is not the client or the consultant who decides, but the evidence of the data. The starting point is “the color of the skin, our fundamental organ”.
Using drapes placed close to the face, “we make an accurate analysis – he explains – and together we look at what the mirror says, which tones, warm or cold, high or low, are made for us”.
The reference, the four seasons. “Light skin, for example, is not necessarily cold. It can be pale and warm like spring, but also cold like winter. Summer has a complexion that is perhaps a bit more sandblasted or pink. ‘temperature’ defines the values ​​to be used to find the right tones. But – he repeats – it is always the skin that decides “. Once you have identified your season, just go shopping in the corresponding chromatic range (between the colors, that is, which have the same common root) and the result will be evident.
A more than affordable exam from an economic point of view, also excellent for a gift (a basic color test is around 25 euros), which can then also be combined with a session to learn how to set up a wardrobe, look or jewelry.
And which today finds more and more application for brides. “I mainly deal with them – continues the consultant – It is an activity in Italy still little known. More often on the eve of the wedding one turns to the wedding planner, but the work of bridal stylist it is much more specific on the bride and groom to create a homogeneous chromatic theme throughout the event. I start from the bride – he explains – We find the color that best enhances her, in addition to the right line and style of the dress, and on that the whole atmosphere of the event is created, from the decorations of the church to the preparation of the party “.
The latest trend, the color scheme combined with home furnishings. “In this case – explains Giorgio – we choose the colors that best suit us and also those that make us feel good, which is not just an aesthetic question”. In this case, the consultation can take up to a week and, of course, the instinct goes up.
“The customers? Women, but today also many men – he replies – Perhaps for them it is even more useful, because men are very simple and the detail really makes a lot of difference”. And more and more, the color scheme is the secret weapon of celebrities and VIPs. “However, there are very few who always have the right colors – warns Giorgio – I think, for example, of Princess Kate Middleton. Those who follow her have been very good, because she has created her own style and an image that make her one true icon. But for her too, banana peel is lurking and, no, she doesn’t always choose the right colors “.

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