Mick Foley And Kevin James & 9 Random Wrestler-Celebrity Interactions

Wrestlers are often seen as celebrities by a lot of people, but whenever they get to interact with another famous person, it can bring real attention. Some of those interactions and connections can take place within the world of wrestling, or in WWEbut other times they happen in more random situations.

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Whether it be a conversation over social media, meeting on a talk show, or being part of the same project, there have been some truly random interactions with celebrities over the years. These often catch people off-guard, but they can lead to entertaining moments at times for fans.

10 Mick Foley & Kevin James

Mick Foley and Kevin James is a random pairing that a lot of people may not know about. However, the two of them are great friends, which is a connection that dates back to their school days, where they were on the same wrestling team.

Since that point, the two men have remained close, and hung out together plenty of times. Whether that is watching MMA fights together, or by Kevin James calling out the Hardcore Legend during his interview on Hot Ones.

9 Brock Lesnar & Eric Stonestreet

Brock Lesnar having any form of interaction with a celebrity is something that few people expect to see due to how private he is as a person. The Beast keeps to himself, therefore the idea of seeing him having fun, and doing skits with a celebrity is not how people expect him.

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However, he is friends with Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet, which has led to them hanging out. Eric filmed something for his social media, claiming he would hit the next person he sees, only to turn into Brock, which was a funny moment.


8 Ronda Rousey & Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is a major celebrity name, and arguably the most well-known chef in the world. He often interacts with other famous people to grow his brand, and that has seen him having a connection with Ronda Rousey in the past.

She appeared on his YouTube show, which led to them cooking together, and then Ronda got to showcase some of her moves. This included the two of them having an arm-wrestling contest in the middle of his kitchen.

7 Dixie Carter & Declan Donnelly

Dixie Carter may not be a professional wrestler, but she is someone who has a long history in the business both on and off-screen. At one point in time, she had a random celebrity interaction with British television host, Declan Donnelly. Their meeting took place on television, in an intriguing manner.

Dec was involved in a show that took a deep dive into long-lost relatives, and he just so happened to be cousins with Dixie Carter herself. It led to a great moment where they got to meet each other for the first time, which was all captured on television.

6 Randy Orton & Soulja Boy

Not every interaction between celebrities and wrestlers is a positive one, as the back and forth tweets involving Randy Orton and Soulja Boy proved. The rapper took a shot at WWE, claiming the rap game was as fake as wrestling, and this led to the Viper getting involved.

The WWE veteran quickly bit, and responded to him, and the two men went back and forth on Twitter, with Orton calling out the fact that Soulja Boy hasn’t been involved at the top of the rap genre for a while, with this being a random argument.

5 The Undertaker & Jimmy Fallon

WWE often sends wrestlers to talk shows to promote major events, as it helps them to plug into the mainstream. Normally, this leads to the wrestler sitting down to have an interview, in a normal setting like other celebrities will get to do.

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However, that wasn’t the case with The Undertaker when he got the chance to appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. This led to him taking out Bad Maddox, who was dressed as a turkey, in what was a truly strange interaction.

4 Wade Barrett & Wayne Rooney

One random moment that took place on television happened during an episode of Raw in England. Wayne Rooney attended the show, and it led to a segment between him and Wade Barrett. It randomly took place with the WWE Superstar confronting the soccer player.

Rooney ended up slapping Barrett in the face, which the fans loved. However, it never ended up going anywhere, and it turned out to be just a random, one-off interaction between them at this moment.

3 John Cena & John Stewart

Sometimes the interactions in wrestling segments can be awkward to see, which is what happened when John Stewart randomly got involved with John Cena’s rivalry against Seth Rollins. He ended up screwing Cena in a winner takes all match involving the United States Title and the WWE Title.

It didn’t make much sense and it did spoil an entertaining match. Things just moved on quickly after this point, which made the interaction even more baffling overall.

2 Sin Cara & Raul Jimenez

The Premier League is often considered to be the best division in the world when it comes to soccer, but few people expect the world wrestling to crop up here. However Wolverhampton Wanderers forward Raul Jimenez made that happen after he scored a goal for his team.

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He randomly pulled out a Sin Cara mask to pose with when it came to his celebration. This led to the two of them becoming friends, and when WWE went to tour the UK, the wrestler stopped by the training ground to meet the star.

1 Lacey Evans & Cardi B

Online arguments between wrestlers and celebrities are typically done to work an angle, such as Sami Zayn and Johnny Knoxville. That’s what people thought when Lacey Evans and Cardi B randomly started interacting on Twitter, but that wasn’t the case.

Evans randomly took some shots at the music artist, with Cardi B clearly not understanding what was happening. It was a truly awkward online moment that the world got to see, and it left everyone confused.


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