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RITUALS stands in Amsterdam like tulips, bicycles and its canals. For those visiting the Dutch city, the address of House of Rituals – Spui 10 – is a must-see. A flower to be seized on the fly. A place where magic happens. Five floors in which to expand your feeling of physical and mental well-being. Where to discover cosmetics for body and home care and furnishing accessories and indulge in rituals for the body and mind – in the Body and Mind Spas on the top two floors -, among comfortable alcoves and massage chairs. A place to try to connect with your soul and discover the best path to follow. It is Rituals himself who suggests it, giving the possibility to draw, thanks to a sort of giant compass of well-being, the right card for the mood and the moment of life. Between Gratitude – gratitude -, Joy – gioia -, Awareness – awareness- , Purpose – scope -, Love, Kindness – kindness- etc.

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I, who visited House of Rituals a few months ago, got the card Forgiveness – forgiveness, that is to forgive and let go of the past to start a new present -. And then, an immediate encounter with destiny – with black curls and named Mike -, that same evening on the stage of the Boom Chicago theater. Special occasions that can now be tried, for the most part, also in Italy.

Rituals Cosmetics arriva in Italia

The beauty brand Rituals, which for over twenty years has been pushing to seek happiness in the small things and in the small moments of everyday life, has opened its first single-brand store in Italy. The first of many others, in the Carosello Shopping Center in Carugate, in the province of Milan. From the first store, inaugurated in Amsterdam in 2000, the brand has been present in thirty-six countries, from London to Hong Kong. And it just earned B Corp ™ certification for its commitment to reducing environmental impact, supporting various social initiatives around the world, and its clean cosmetic formulas, made up of 90 percent natural ingredients. So what to do? Go and experience them in the first Italian single-brand store. And immerse yourself in the world of well-being, signed by the most beloved Dutch beauty brand. Magic can happen. Especially after listening to the advice of Niki Schilling, Innovation & Sustainability Director of Rituals Cosmetics, whom we interviewed in Milan.

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Which is the way indicated by Rituals to rediscover theharmony?

There are two types of harmony, that of people and that of the planet. Do you know the expression: body, mind and soul? When these three things are in balance there is harmony. With our products we want to facilitate this process. Cosmetics act on the body, fragrances on the mind and thanks to our website and recommended meditation and breathing exercises we help people to relax. Finding happiness in the little things is our mantra.

How do you manage to be a B Corp ™ and continue to guarantee luxurious cosmetics for the person and for the home?

It’s a big challenge but we like challenges. I think this is the future. We spend a lot of time doing analysis and research and start with the facts: what is sustainable? How can we best be sustainable? And then, let’s see how we can also be luxurious. It is not easy, you have to analyze many things and then ask yourself what it means to be luxurious? Luxury are high quality products that work. For example, speaking of sustainable packs, we believe in refills. The quality of our packs is so good that they can be reused many times and last up to five years. Same high standards also for the formulations. We test, test and test without compromising. If the products we create don’t perform at 100 percent, we don’t launch them on the market.

Rituals gives a special meaning to the moments of well-being spent at home. Have pandemics and lockdowns contributed to the growth of the brand?

They certainly contributed. During these two years we have grown and, in particular, the home sector has grown. Our products for the home, from candles to diffusers to room fragrances, transform our apartment into a place of well-being. We recommend using different products for different rooms. Each room can have its own scent. Candles are precious for moments of meditation or for tea time, scented sprays to neutralize the odors of food in the kitchen. We have a wide range of energizing, invigorating, relaxing scents. The latter are perfect for the bathroom. For the moments spent with ourselves.

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Which is the philosophy of the brand? What are your products inspired by?

Our philosophy is to find happiness in small things. For us, washing our hands is also a ritual. Taking a shower, wearing perfume: everything can become an opportunity for well-being. You can transform your daily routine into a continuous ritual. Which helps us achieve the balance we talked about at the beginning.

When and why was Rituals born?

Founder Raymond Cloosterman loves to take care of every detail and expects every product to be perfect. Details contribute to the psycho-physical well-being of a person. Every time we create a product we ask ourselves if it is the right product to spoil our customers.

What social programs and initiatives in the world does the brand support?

We generally focus on children and women. We want to give future generations the tools to manage stress and promote the achievement of well-being. We have created the Super Chill company for this. An organization that focuses on the well-being of children through virtual yoga and mindfulness exercises, in the classroom. With Super Chill App we help primary school children to cope with tensions and difficulties with a positive influence that goes beyond school. We also support the social enterprise-foundation Tiny Miracles operating in India. The ambition is to develop a functional business model to combat poverty in the world. Indian women, involved in the project, make bags for Rituals. With the income they get, they can pay for their medical bills, provide adequate education for their children, and finally buy a house.

PerchIt’s should we join a Rituals flagship store?

To pamper you. To relax, take a few minutes just for yourself. Because in every Rituals store there is a deep and immediate feeling of well-being.

How important is spiritualityto for this brand? Do cosmetics have the power to promote meditation, relaxation and improve a person’s mood?

Spirituality is the foundation of the brand. Ancient wisdom and ancient rituals of oriental origin, born thousands of years ago, are the primary source of inspiration. They show us Westerners how to take care of our soul and our life. Each line and each product has its own philosophy and history. Each improves our mood. Lighting a candle every day for five minutes has the power to give relaxation. Using the mousse during the shower, savoring its intense scent with deep breaths, makes us feel good.

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