Best car trips to do in Europe, Americans recommend an itinerary in Sicily: “Unsurpassed views”

Il route from Palermo to Syracuse It is one of best car trips to do in Europe. To say it is the magazine Travel+Leisureone of the most prestigious travel magazines based in New York. Let’s find out why he chose Sicily.

The best car trips to do in Europe

Once again our region, therefore, makes a fine show of itself among the travel tips from experts. This time we are talking about journeys to be made by car, the “road trips” or road trips. The journalist Patricia Doherty entered theitinerary from Palermo to Syracuse among those recommended.

What makes this a treat one of the best car trips to do in Europe? We will find out immediately together. “Sometimes a road trip it’s a way to reach a destination – it is read -; other times the road itself is the goal. The scenario that would disappear if you flew over it, or that would turn into a blur if you passed it by train, is your enjoyment at your own pace. For road trips in Europe, we recommend that you go slow and enjoy the journey as a destination. ‘

Il merit of this type of path it is the possibility to “stop where and when you want, allowing you to find those out-of-the-way places that make a trip particularly memorable”.

“My favorite way to take a road trip – adds Doherty – is to spend time in a destination and then add a car trip to the itinerary for a day or two.”

Itinerary from Palermo to Syracuse

After a series of practical tips on how to drive in Europe, we start with the proposed itineraries. To keep company with Sicily there are many famous places of the Old Continent, such as Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Amsterdam, Brugge, Vienna and Paris.

«After enjoying the cuisineart, architecture, history and the people of Palermowe advise you to head east along the northern coast of Sicily on the A-20 motorway towards Messina, the closest point to mainland Italy “, begins the journalist of Travel+Leisure.

“Along the way, stop in the seaside town of Cefalù just an hour away. If the weather is warm, it’s a great place for a dip in the Mediterranean, and if you’re hungry, you’ll find pizza, pasta and more in the beachfront cafes. From Cefalù you will enjoy unsurpassed views of the Mediterranean and you will arrive at Messina after about two hours of driving ».

Continue with a tour in the city of the Straitthen we move on to Taormina, «a hilly city with a view of the sea, cobbled streets and a welcoming place to rest for the night».

The advice, from here, is proceed south, on the A-18 for an hour towards the city of Catania: «The ancient port city has a lot to see and is worth exploring if there is time. Another approximately one hour journey will take you to Syracusewith its millennia of history, Greek ruins, medieval buildings and the enchanting island of Ortigia.

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