Welcome Travel ready to leave. Apicella: “Digitization goal”

Welcome Travel turn the page. It is the same CEO Adriano Apicella to confirm that it is time to leave, and that the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer just a mirage.

“We are ready to seize the rebound which will necessarily come with the gradual reopening of non-European destinations – comments the manager -. And the agencies will play a decisive role in this phase, since never before will the customer ask consulting not only on the destination but also on rules and procedures for traveling with peace of mind “.

To support the work of the agencies, Welcome Travel has invested “important resources in an ambitious digitization project which it has in collaboration with Salesforce e Atlantic Technologies a strong point. The goal – explains Apicella – is to launch a new platform for the crm able to foster the digitization of agencies. This novelty will allow the points of sale to save time, being able to dedicate themselves to one more incisive customer activityand will also make it possible to benefit from ad hoc marketing actions to profile and encourage the customer to purchase “.

The investment made by Welcome Travel in the middle of the pandemic “It is only the starting point towards a model of future development which sees agencies at the center of digital evolution ”he adds Dante Colittasales and marketing director.
Meanwhile, the situation photographed by the network director Andrea Moscardini sees a closed summer with a volume of sales, as expected, concentrated on Italy. “As for theItaliasales volumes grew by over 50% on 2020 and 30% on 2019. On the other destinations front, a decent performance of the Greecewhich totaled 35% of the volumes of 2019 in the same period and of the Spainwhich stopped at 25% of volumes and was characterized by a strong propensity for underdated bookings “.

The number of agencies participating in Welcome Travel also remained substantially unchanged: “We recorded a decrease in partner agencies of 5%, equal to 180 points of sale. Of these, 135 due to the definitive closure. On the other hand, we have had a request for entry from 70 agencies, all already active on the market. The fact of belonging to a network has proved to be very useful in terms of even in these difficult months consulting on problems related to vouchers, Cig, refreshments, … “.

Finally, the value of the project was reconfirmed Welcome to Italyan incoming brand that represents a real network of dmc able to relaunch a product on foreign markets characterized by a very wide range of experiences and widespread assistance guaranteed by local expert.

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