Valentino’s 90th birthday, celebrations in fashion sauce in Voghera (his hometown)

from Camilla Sernagiotto

The city of Pavia honors the illustrious fellow citizen by dedicating an exhibition to him that will open on 11 May and a big party, from 20 to 22 May. Three days with exhibitions, masterclasses, workshops and the rediscovery of the so-called blue gold of Oltrep Pavese: the blue of ford. From Valentino red to ford blue, therefore, Voghera promises to show them in all colors

The fashion emperor, Valentino, is celebrated in his empire of origin: Voghera. The city in the province of Pavia that gave birth to one of the most famous designers in history is organizing big celebrations to celebrate the 90th birthday of its number one citizen, synonymous with genius and elegance all over the world. Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani born on 11 May 1932 in Voghera and right here he took his first steps in fashion, thanks to the Vogherese stylist Ernestina Salvadeo who brought him closer to sartorial creativity. The rest is history, not only from Voghera, Pavia, Lombardy and Italy, but world history. Who doesn’t know Valentino? Rhetorical question, with a self-evident answer: none. To honor him and thank him for so much glamor, art, passion and excellence, the people of Voghera have planned a full agenda of events. It begins with an exhibition that will be inaugurated on Wednesday 11 May, the day on which Valentino will blow out 90 candles. In collaboration with the Maison Valentino, an exhibition was organized with which the city of Voghera wishes to celebrate its illustrious fellow citizen Valentino Garavani, he tells the Corriere della Sera the mayor of Voghera, Paola Garlaschelli. The exhibition will open to the public on Wednesday 11 May in the Teatro Sociale, freshly restored.

On 20, 21 and 22 May there will be three days dedicated to the couturier as part of the #FuoriSensia event, with the patronage of the Municipality of Voghera and the Italian Fashion Federation-Confcommercio. This event is proposed as a journey that, starting from tailoring, will arrive at the Maison founded by Garavani. And there will be many other names of Made in Italy, in a real celebration of Italian fashion at 360. The weekend of 20-22 May includes a widespread exhibition of garments and accessories from private collections, and then masterclasses of professionals of the sector, presentations of themed books and workshops. Voghera talks about itself through tailoring and its trade, wanting to regain possession of a space that belongs to it, namely that of style, of elegance. The garments that will be exhibited in the shops and in the widespread exhibition of collectible clothes will not only be by Valentino but also by the tailors and seamstresses of our city, he explains to Courier Simona Panigazzi, Vice President Ascom Confcommercio Voghera who organizes the event. In the past, one of the reasons why Voghera was known and very popular was precisely for the skill and taste of its tailors. What we want to offer is an unprecedented path on the fashion of the past, on that of the present with the fashion masterclasses and also of the future, with a green gem.

The city in celebration, dressed in red-Valentino clearly (but also in blue, as we will see later), has collected many adhesions from the same citizens, enthusiastic about the idea of ​​actively participating in the celebrations. We expect the city to respond with enthusiasm to the initiative, to return to normalcy, rediscovering those propulsive elements that have always distinguished it in the past. The idea stems from the same need: to start again with us, underlines Simona Panigazzi. In addition to the participation of the Vogheresi and the many tourists expected for 20, 21 and 22 May, the city also took the field on the organization side. Starting with the patronage of the Italian Fashion Federation, whose Secretary General, Massimo Torti, explains: As I am from Voghera, I welcomed the invitation to promote this initiative and was even greater satisfaction in seeing so much enthusiasm and desire to dedicate spaces and attention to fashion, to Valentino Garavani, to our shops, activities and tailors.

Four masterclasses will be held on Saturday 21 May from 10.30 am to 4 pm by experts from Voghera in fashion, beauty, cinema and advertising. We start with Valentino Through Decades, a lesson on the evolution of tradition by Chiara Santagata, Style of the Marella Group. exceptional how, in Valentino’s creations, the line takes shape through color and vice versa, as in a real work of art, explains Santagata to Corriere della Sera. The day continues with Fashion Advertising, a masterclass to tell what happens when fashion meets advertising, curated by Emilia Sernagiotto, Creative Director of the M&C Saatchi Milano agency. In a world where image is everything, the Valentino brand – for its latest campaign – relied not on great photographers, not on renowned directors, but on writers. No models appear in the ads, no products: just words. Few can afford it. Valentino, of course, can, Emilia Sernagiotto tells us. The journalist specialized in fashion and beauty Alice Abbiadati will talk about the role of beauty, with the intervention entitled No beauty, no fashion. For Valentino Garavani, women want to be beautiful. For the current creative director of the Maison, Pierpaolo Piccioli, democratic beauty. Beauty, today as in 1959, perceived as a symphony, the missing algorithm of fashion that confers uniqueness. And Valentino red, which lacquers lips, eyes and nails, is among the most current demonstrations, explains Alice Abbiadati. The hybridization between seventh art and fashion will also be analyzed, with the short story Ciak, parades by Camilla Sernagiotto. It starts from the beginning of the twentieth century, when the stage costumes were prepared by the actors themselves in an improvised way (as in Birth of a Nation in 1915, for which it was the mother of the protagonist who had to take care of all the clothes); we move on to the 1920s, which inaugurate the costume department (setting the stage for iconic garments, such as Charlie Chaplin’s Charlot tailcoat) and then to the 1930s, with the consecration of Hollywood clothes. And before arriving at the last years of the twentieth century and at the beginning of the new millennium – in which fashion will also become subject (for example Prt – Porter by Robert Altman) and even direction (stylist Tom Ford directed the films A Single Man and Nocturnal Animals) – we will talk about how the technical aspects of cinema have influenced fashion. The first sound film (The Jazz Singer, 1927) introduced the use of the microphone, which amplified noises. This led to the elimination of fabrics such as satin, taffeta and tulle, which generated too many rustles. And the enormous influence of cinema has led to the temporary retirement of those fabrics also in fashion, outside the screen. The great protagonist of Saturday will obviously be the documentary Valentino: The Last Emperor, directed by the journalist of Vanity Fair Matt Tyrnauer.

On Saturday 21 May at 5.30 pm there will be the presentation of the book The Magazine. The secrets of the most famous editorial office in the world by Roberta Lippi, former editor-in-chief of the site of Vogue Italia. Instead, the book A great Italian Historia: Valentino Garavani will kick off the three days, supplied to the city of Voghera by the Maison Valentino itself and presented on Friday 20 May at 6.00 pm, with a special aperifashion.

On Sunday 22 May the Italian Fashion & Design Academy in Milan (IFDA) and Federmoda Italia will present projects of the Voghera schools on the so-called blue gold of Oltrep Pavese: the blue of ford. This land rich in history, home of the great designer Valentino Garavani, a unique and rare place where the blue gold of Oltrep Pavese is born, the ford, a little-known but unique plant of its kind for its particular shade of blue, says Elisa Pestrichella of the Italian Fashion & Design Academy in Milan. The IFDA and the Accademia Stefano Anselmo make-up school will join forces to involve Voghera in an open call that will lead students to compete and discuss what sustainability and circularity mean today in the fashion, beauty and design industries. From Valentino red to ford blue, Voghera therefore promises to show them in all colors.

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