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The beauty startup that brings the spa home: at Cosmofarma 2022 PF47-Italian Cosmetic – StartUpMagazine

Bring the spa in the housemake it democratic, accessible. This is the goal of PF47 Italian Cosmetic, startup beauty made in Trentino born from the intuition of Federica Dalla Costa, 23, and her mother Michela Mancabelli, spa manager both. A range of intensive cosmetics self treatment for the total and for the bodymade with pure water from Val di Fiemme, maximum concentration possible of active principles and advance biotechnology of vehiculation.

The project responds to recent developments in the wellness world
no longer the exclusive priority of wellness centers and spas, but part of people’s daily life and the intimacy of the home.
PF47 focuses on the user: directly involved in their own fitnessit becomes protagonist of his own well-being, side by side with care in learning techniques and methods of use.

In PF47 the concept of home spa it also takes the form of a qualified assistance service, before, during and after the experience. Each product is accompanied by detailed usage sheets; videos are available online tutorial that guide the user in the correct application of the treatment and, above all, the assistance service is available daily as consulting telephone and WhatsApp managed by the same Federica and Michela. Just like being in a spa, but at home.

The range is the result of one year and four months of planningand is composed of two lines, body and faceeach complete with four treatments. For the body: reducing, anti-cellulite, anti-stretch mark and breast firming. For the face: plumping with hyaluronic acid, anti-age collagen stimulant, multivitamin and, last arrived, botosimile. The cosmetics are available in single packs or in kit designed for coordinated and complete treatments.

Le formula are conceived by Michela Mancabelli, Product Manager, and developed with the technical-scientific consultancy of lacoda lab from Ziano di Fiemme.
All products are made in Val di Fiemme con 0 km spring water coming from Rio Sadole di Castello di Fiemme and use where possible local officinal herbs.

The principles ofaromatherapy and of chromotherapy, at the base of the spa experience, are found in every cosmetic and amplify its effects. The texture they are designed to obtain maximum pleasure from self-application and also to be visually inviting.

The PF47 range is available online in thee-commerce del and in some parapharmacies in Trentino. The creation of a distribution network of selected parapharmacies throughout Italy. The startup’s growth plans include the break even point as early as next year, within 24 months of its foundation.
Among 2023 targetsthat of supporting companies specialized in the construction of home spas to provide a complete home wellness service.

Dal 13 to 15 May PF47 will participate in Cosmofarma Exhibition 2022 a Bologna – the most important Italian fair dedicated to the world of pharmacy, beauty and health care – within the third edition of Cosmofarma YOUNG project dedicated to emerging companies (Pad. 26). The Trentino startup competes in the prize that is awarded every year to the most promising young brand.

PF47 is a well-being and “rebirth” project (including personal) that comes from the intuition of Federica Dalla Costa in the dramatic moment of lockdown 2020.
The young entrepreneur says: «At the end of March I was locked up at home with the third week of distance learning of my high-level training course in spa ready to go. I felt the need to create something new that made me feel good, motivated ». Hence the idea. Federica gets off in garage where the mother Michela keeps studies, researches and formulas of the cosmetic line that more than twenty years earlier had designed for the first Day Spa in Bolzano, which she opened and managed for years. He gets to work and unites pieces of history and family skills to recent studies and experience gained in spa. To go on and finally leave behind her not only months, but for her very complex years also due to the onset of an eating disorder. Thus she begins a “rebirth” project that sees mother and daughter united in the creation of the startup. After a year and four months of work, theJuly 8, 2021the PF47 brand is officially launched.

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